Low levels of safety usually characterize informal work sectors. The construction industry is one of the most dangerous places of employment, given its nature of work. Workers often face injuries on the job, and they are often fatal. If you or someone you know is involved in a construction accident, an experienced Rockford personal injury lawyer can help you understand the process of claiming damages for your injuries. 

Accidents at construction sites can take a variety of forms and manifest in different ways. An overwhelming number of these accidents can be traced to a lack of proper training for the workers and an absence of any security net to protect them.

Different types of construction accidents

  • Slips and falls

As the most common type of construction accident, slips or falls can cause critical and damaging injuries like trauma to the head, brain, spinal cord, fractures, torn ligaments, pulled muscles, etc.

  • Repetitive stress injuries

The nature of construction work is such that it requires repetitive and patterned types of labor. Often this repetition can cause injury or damage to certain areas like the wrist, joints, ankles, and back.

  • Falling from heights 

This accident can occur if either a worker falls from heights such as ladders or is struck by objects that fall from a height above them. 

  • Crane accidents 

Heavy machinery like cranes, forklifts, and bulldozers are crucial tools without which construction work cannot be carried out. These components, however, are as dangerous as they are important. Technical errors or inadequate handling of the machines can have disastrous effects. 

  • Explosions or leaks 

Various situations can lead to a fire or explosion on a construction site. Defective machinery, electrical issues, and chemical or gas leaks can lead to accidents. This means that safety precauctions in the form of a Honeywell BW Microclip XL gas detector, fire blankets and extinguishers are needed on site.

  • Collapse of buildings 

A building may collapse due to various reasons – flawed engineering, defective raw material, and inspection failures. Injuries caused by collapsing buildings can have permanent effects on the body.

  • Electrocution

Construction sites are rife with electrical equipment, electrical overhead wires, and other forms of wiring. All of these are highly dangerous for workers’ health if left unattended. 

Even if construction injuries don’t result in fatalities, they can be financially, psychologically, and physically taxing. As a victim of such injuries, you must be aware of fighting for your rights and claim compensation for the damage caused to you and your health. 

Many insurance companies and employers deliberately create clauses that leave the definition and redressal of construction injuries ambiguous. To address these loopholes, you must consult an attorney if you are a construction injury victim. 

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