Stretching has been around for many years. This is the process of wearing an earring that slowly increases the size of your earlobe. Ear lobe stretchers are a great way to stretch your ears without surgery or loads of pain. There are many different stretchers, with some being more expensive than others. Whether you’re looking for titanium stretchers or surgical steel, here is a list of the best ear lobe stretching earrings in Singapore:

Amazonite Plugs

Amazonite plugs are one of Singapore’s most popular ear lobe stretching earrings. They’re known for their yellow-green, turquoise, and blue color.

Amazonite plugs are made from natural stone and have a smooth texture. These plugs are perfect for sensitive ears, as they won’t irritate the skin like other earrings.

Rose Quartz plugs

Rose quartz plugs are an excellent option for those who want to stretch their ears. These ear lobe stretching earrings are made of natural rose quartz and will be able to test your ear in just a few weeks. They’re also inexpensive, so these may be right for you if you’re looking for the cheapest option.

Chrysocolla plugs

Chrysocolla plugs are gorgeous pieces of jewelry that will make your ears shine. The chrysocolla is set in a gold-plated setting and features gemstones with a light blue hue. These earrings are available in gauges of 0g, 00g, 1/2inch (1.3cm), 3/4inch (2cm), and 1inch (2.5cm) and can be worn by anyone who wants to show off their beautiful new piercings.

Titan threadless End

The best ear lobe stretchers in Singapore are the Titan threadless end to End. These stretchers come with a plastic cover that is easy to use and a little bit of lubricant. They also have six different colors: black, gold, silver, rose gold, pink and blue. These ear lobe stretching earrings can be worn for up to 6 months each, making them the most comfortable, safe, and affordable ear stretcher in Singapore. These threads are made from titanium, making them more durable than other brands on the market. They are straightforward to insert without any pain or discomfort. The End is threaded and screws into your earlobe, so it doesn’t slip out when you’re sleeping or showering. And since they don’t need any piercings, you don’t have to worry about your ears becoming infected or damaged.

Lex threadless End

One of the best ear lobe stretchers is called Lex Threadless Ends. They differ from other stretchers in that they are not meant to be worn all day. The ends of these stretchers are threaded so you can attach them to an earring. This allows you to wear a stud or earring while still stretching your ears. These stretchers are pretty pricey, but they work very well and are easy to use and remove when necessary.


The right pair of earrings can make any outfit look fantastic. But not all earrings are created equally. When it comes to earrings for stretched ears, there are a few things to consider before purchasing. For this reason, it is a crucial detail to consider when buying or designing your earrings. There are many earlobe stretchers available on the market, so it is best to come up with a plan before you start browsing.

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