Insulin, the word probably isn’t new for you. If you have suffered from diabetes and have known a sufferer, then you must be aware of what it is.

Insulin we are aware of is the artificial insulin that is known to control our blood sugar levels in case of diabetes. Having a regulated blood glucose level is important for the proper working of your body systems. However, under certain circumstances, your body systems can change in a way that either it no longer produces enough insulin or your body becomes unable to use this insulin properly to control your blood sugar levels. 

Why Is Insulin Resistance Dangerous?

This increased insulin resistance can be your reason for suffering from diabetes. Insulin resistance seen from childhood can act as a warning sign that you may have diabetes in future. My niece, who was just 10 years old, accompanied my cousin during her visit to a best diabetes doctor in rawalpindi. The doctor diagnosed the child with insulin resistance and warned her about the disease. Just after 5 years, she was diagnosed with diabetes. 

How to Increase Insulin Sensitivity?

So, insulin resistance is quite a problem and anyone can suffer from it. If you can control this insulin resistance, you are more likely to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. Want to know more about the ways to increase your insulin sensitivity? Here are some of the tips that might help you.

1- Work on your sleep schedule

You already know the importance of good quality sleep for your physical and mental health, but do you know that it can also help you with insulin resistance. When you don’t get enough sleep, you are more likely to suffer from the problem of insulin resistance. So, start working today on your sleep schedule and fight insulin resistance. 

2- Move more

If you want to increase your insulin sensitivity you can start with a bit of physical activity No matter what it is or which intensity, it will have a positive impact on your insulin sensitivity. Working out improves the usage of sugar in the cell thus helping with the stored sugar usage and increasing insulin resistance. You can start with a light intensity workout and gradually increase it as your stamina builds. 

3- Stress reduction

Stress is bad for your overall health and it is also one of the important factors that account for insulin resistance in your body. Increased levels of stress hormones in your body ultimately convert the stored form of energy into glucose that increases your energy levels immediately. So, to help yourself with insulin resistance make sure your stress levels are under control. If you can’t do it on your own then seek out help from a psychologist. 

4- Maintaining a healthy body weight

Your body weight is important and one of the determining factors of insulin resistance. When your body has stored fat you will suffer from insulin resistance. Furthermore, there is sufficient evidence on how you can lose weight and improve your insulin resistance. Losing weight can be your struggle but many things such as walking, diet and controlling your bad life habits can surely be of great help in losing weight. In serious cases of obesity where the risk of diabetes is high, doctors may prescribe a bariatric surgery like gastric sleeve Newcastle, to aid in weight loss and improve your insulin resistance.

5- Spices can be of great help to you

You must already know that consuming spices can boost your metabolism. Not only this but adding spices to your diet can help to make your body more insulin sensitive and minimize the risk factor of diabetes. You can add turmeric, chillies and other spices to your everyday foods. H

owever, the addition of too many spices or sudden addition can pose harmful side effects to your health. If you already have the problem of heartburn or suffer from associated problems, make sure to keep quantity in consideration before consuming spices. 

Bottom Line!

Diabetes is a lifelong condition and anyone can suffer from it. However, many things can increase your risk of suffering from diabetes. From your genetic makeup to your current dietary habits, everything makes a difference. 

However, rather than suffering from the condition and managing it, later on, you can start with preventive measures. If you want to save yourself from diabetes then it is better to determine your risk factor first followed by good lifestyle practices. However, if you continue to see signs and symptoms of diabetes, then it is recommended to consult a diabetologist immediately. 

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