Today, healthcare practitioners find it increasingly difficult to run a practice without having an electronic health records (EHR) system. These products have become a vital part of every healthcare setup as they enable users to carry out administrative and clinical tasks more efficiently. You require a digital infrastructure to communicate with other physicians and insurers, as well as to improve patient care and make your facility eligible for various incentive programs. 

Athenahealth EHR is consistently ranked as one of the top EHR software vendors we have on the market. It has been helping users achieve excellent outcomes for their healthcare setups, both small and large. You can also read multiple case studies or user reviews to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of this healthcare solution.

Athenahealth – An Overview

athenahealth offers a cloud-based clinical and financial solution for medical practices of all sizes. It combines software services to improve clinical efficiencies and reduce administrative burdens. This platform includes comprehensive engagement tools, such as patient portals, telehealth services, and online scheduling to let patients participate in their care process more actively. Moreover, it streamlines daily workflows to promote a focus on patient-centric care. 

The software comes with useful features that cater to the needs of a wide range of medical specialties. Patients can use a patient portal to pay bills, access health records, schedule appointments, and sign forms. Automated reminders are delivered to patients via email, phone, or text messages. Not only this, but patients can also be notified when test results are waiting in the patient portal. In addition, athenahealth helps providers deliver care by organizing the moment of care for utmost clinical productivity. 

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The clinical staff can perform administrative and clinical tasks efficiently to ensure tracking of all physician orders and get full payment to close the loop of results and follow-up care. Healthcare providers benefit from embedded access to a clinical network that incorporates industry guidelines and extensive quality rules. 

This health IT product offers multiple solutions to its users, including athenaClinicals (Electronic Health Records), athenaCollector (Practice Management), athenaCommunicator (Patient Engagement Portal), Population Health, Care Coordination, Medical Billing, and Epocrates. The most popular aspect attributed to athenahealth is athenaOne – an integrated suite that offers athenaCollector, athenaCommunicator, athenaClinicals, all combined into a unified product. You should definitely check out this solution if you are looking for an all-inclusive healthcare IT package. 

Why should you prefer Athenahealth?

athenahealth has managed to maintain perfect starred user reviews and is one of the top healthcare IT providers we have on the market. Based on top athenahealth EHR reviews, these are benefits that this medical software brings to your practice.

  • You can have access to a network of more than 160,000 physicians with this unified platform. 
  • It increases the first claim acceptance rate to 94% which is about 25% higher than the average rate set by other vendors in the industry. 
  • You can close 74% of patient encounters on same-day

8 Most appreciated aspects of athenahealth

Choosing the right EHR/EMR solution for your practice requires you to focus on how well it suits your practice’s unique workflows and if it adheres with the security requirements and federal reimbursement guidelines. 

  1. Cloud Hosting

athenahealth software offers cloud-based solutions that can help you save up to 500-1000 dollars per year on private hosting servers. It also saves the cost of server maintenance. 

  1. MACRA Compliant

An EHR software that meets MACRA requirements is a must-have to treat Medicaid and Medicare patients. Athenahealth software is fully complaint with MACRA which makes it a perfect option for those in need of an affordable healthcare solution. 

  1. Clinical Decision Support

One of the most useful services offered by athenahealth is Epocrates. It is a physician app that checks disease treatment guidelines and drug interactions using AI and extensive data. 

  1. Population Health

Population health tools allow medical practitioners to stay connected to important patient population data. Users can utilize network-based knowledge and automated outreach services from in-house analysis experts. 

  1. Patient Engagement

The appointment scheduling feature enables practitioners to optimize the number of patients seen each day. Automated reminders are sent to patients prior to their appointments to reduce the number of no-shows. You can also evaluate different patient engagement tools during an athenahealth EHR demo.

  1. Reports & Analytics

User reviews suggest that the athenahealth’s reporting capabilities have proved valuable for their practices. Using this software, you can generate reports for medical billing, financials, patient schedules, front-office workflows, communication, and more. If you are in search of an EHR software that provides robust data insights with on-demand reports, then athenahealth is the right choice for you. 

  1. Authorization Management

With athenahealth, users can outsource contacting payers and researching requirements for medical authorizations. Authorization statuses can be viewed directly from in-app clinical workflows. 

  1. Billing

The software provides comprehensive billing tools, which depend largely on athenaNet to help its users improve their financial outcomes. Using athenahealth’s billing system, claims scrubbing is done within eight seconds of receipt and maximum number of claims are paid in two or three business days. Their in-house staff member is particularly responsible for the creation of E&M codes and charge posting. 

Athenahealth EHR demo

Athenahealth offers a detailed 30-minute demo before the implementation with any charges. This enables you to test-drive the product and understand how it will help your practice before actually buying it. 

Pricing details

The EHR software’s base pricing plan starts at $140 per month per provider. However, this price can go up as you add more services such as practice management, medical billing, care coordination, etc.

Final thoughts

Integrating your practice’s workflows with an EHR software has become very important nowadays in order to carry out all the clinical and administrative tasks efficiently. But before investing in any EHR software, we suggest you do your leg-work. In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about athenahealth EHR, its pricing, and how it will benefit your practice in the long-run. 

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