Organizations often choose non-geographic numbers for customer service since it allows them to more easily implement call centers equipped with the technology to reroute incoming calls dynamically. Large corporations and organizations frequently use this kind of number. The 0345-phone number format is one of the most widely used in the United Kingdom. Numbers beginning with 0345 are sometimes referred to as “UK Wide” alternatives to the more common 0845 and 087 prefixes. This type of particular landline-rate contact number is opted for by government bodies, the public sector, businesses, retailers, merchants, financial institutions, charities, statutory bodies, and so on.

One of the primary reasons this type of number is greatly appreciated is because it is highly versatile, i.e., it can be used for a wide range of activities, be it for voting (in the case of television shows), information, or helplines. Ofcom, the well-liked communications regulator in the UK, saw the high cost of calls to the country’s more conventional 08, 05, and 09 numbers and responded by introducing the cheaper 0345 formats. People were grateful for the answer because it freed them from constantly dialing charged numbers (those beginning with 08). With the help of Ofcom, businesses now have a single point of contact (on a national level) without charging their customers or clients more to reach them.

Calls to 0345 numbers are charged at the same flat rate as calls to 02 and 01 numbers within the United Kingdom. And calls to 0345 numbers use up your allotted minutes the same way calls to 01 and 02 numbers do. In other words, if your phone plan includes free domestic long-distance calls, then calls to 0345 numbers are likewise accessible. This rate applies to mobile, BT, payphone, and fixed line calls.  One of the main advantages of 0345 numbers (from a caller’s point of view) is that revenue sharing is impossible in this instance. That is to say, the number you dialed does not receive any portion of the money customers pay to make calls to that number.

What will be the Cost of 0345 call?

While calling a 0345 number will cost you money, many phone plans do not include additional fees for calls to 0345 numbers. You can use your landline’s “free minutes” or other discount plans on 0345 calls. However, you should consult your telephone service provider to determine the actual rates applicable to calls to such numbers. Calls to 0345 numbers cost 10 pence per minute for individuals in the United Kingdom. This, however, is not always the case and can change depending on the time of day you make the call. 

Why would you pick a 0345 number?

Most companies utilize a 0345 number due to the cost savings, but there are other benefits for their clients and customers. Calling a 0345 number is the same as calling a regular ”01” or ”02” landline. Using a 0345 number will incur the exact costs as if you had dialed one of these average numbers.

In many cases, if you have a monthly allotment of voice call minutes from your mobile phone provider, you can use them to make calls to 0345. If you have sufficient remaining minutes, calling a 0345 number will not use any of them. As you can see, this can be rather useful.

Similarly, some residential landline call packages offer free local and long-distance calls to other landlines during specified hours or specific days of the week. The weekend and evening hours might be free of charge, for instance. Therefore, if you call a 0345 number between these hours, you won’t be charged any more than usual. However, calling the 0345 number will cost you after the initial free-minute trial. The 0345 numbers cost would be the same as dialing any regular ”01” or ”02” area code.

What do people think of the 0345 numbers?

As a result, many consumers mistakenly believe that calls are 0345 numbers free. Calling a 0345 number does not cost any more than calling any other number in the UK. Thus many people do not realize they are not free. That’s why you shouldn’t confuse them with 0800 or 0808 numbers.

The area code 0345 comes in a few different flavors. A general rule of thumb is that all calls to numbers beginning with “03” are charged at the same rate. Buying a 0345 number from Number Supermarket means that you can have one activated in a matter of minutes. 

How can a 0345 number benefit your company?

Using these figures is helpful for businesses in a variety of ways, including: –

  • Only one phone number is needed

No matter how many locations a company has, they are only required to promote one phone number. Because of this, there is no longer a need to provide separate phone numbers for each department.

  • Transferring calls to a different number

Calls can be redirected without a hitch in service. For instance, if a company has more than one call center, customers’ calls can be routed to the appropriate location automatically.

  • Relocation of Business

The hassle of porting a company’s phone number over to a new location is eliminated when it moves or expands to a new area.

Although 0345 numbers are mainly used for commercial purposes, consumers also benefit. Additionally, their utilization is advantageous to the customer. By Ofcom’s standards, calls to 03 numbers must be priced similarly to calls to 01 and 02.

Some more information regarding the number 0345: –

  • Free minutes for calls to 01 and 02 numbers are typically included in mobile and landline phone plans. Because all 03 numbers function similarly, calls to 0345 numbers count toward any allotted free minutes.
  • In June 2014, the law was changed, making it illegal for businesses to use 0845 numbers for their helpline or customer support lines. As a result, clients were protected from the exorbitant rates usually applied to these digits. Since these businesses needed a uniform rate number, most switched to 0345 formats. To do this, replace the 8 in the original 0845 number with the 3 in the new 0345 number.
  • Before this shift, it was typical practice for businesses to provide a toll-free 0800 number for first sales queries but a more expensive 0845 number for follow-up support.
  • Even before it was required by law, some companies switched to the cheaper 0345 number to better serve their customers. For example, Tesco began rolling out the modification in the first few months of 2014.
  • Also ahead of the curve was the Environmental Protection Agency, which abandoned its 0845 numbers. Before this, however, they had come under fire for setting up a flood emergency helpline with an 0845 prefix, which is commonly associated with the United Kingdom’s call center industry.
  • UK banks and building societies were included in the law’s coverage in October 2015. As a result, clients are not charged more than necessary when calling in for assistance, per a directive from the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Some banks also switched to the new 0345 number before October 2015, as they did in 2014. Before the regulation was enforced, businesses like online bank First Direct switched out their 0845 numbers.
  • Technical support lines, for example, can still use 0345 numbers rather than their 0845 equivalents. All organizations don’t need to have a 0345 number. This includes residential letting agencies, timeshare agencies, and travel companies offering all-inclusive vacation packages. Costs associated with calling must be prominently disclosed with any phone numbers that can be used to reach them.

Conclusion: –

Businesses, government agencies, and other organizations that deal with the public utilize 0345 numbers for their telephone communications.

No matter what company or organization you’re calling, you should always dial 0345 first if you’re trying to reach customer service. Calls to numbers beginning with 01 or 02 should always be free of charge.

Since June 2014, businesses have been obligated by law to use this number for customer support lines instead of the more expensive 0845 number. In October 2015, the Financial Conduct Authority issued directives mandating compliance.

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