A road trip can be one of the best experiences of your life. On the open road with your partner, family, friends, or alone can be a special time and if planned properly, will be a memorable experience. Planning a road trip is more than choosing an itinerary, there are many essentials you must prepare before you set off.


You will not get far without fuel and while this may seem obvious, you do not want to be getting in the car on the morning of your road trip to find you need to make a journey to the gas station. Get your fuel in the tank the day before, so you are ready to begin the road trip when you get in the vehicle the next morning. If you are hiring a vehicle, make sure they have filled the tank before you drive away. If you are using an electric car, plan where you can stop to recharge the vehicle before you leave because you do not want to wait until the battery is low and then start searching. 

First Aid Kit

You do not want to be thinking about the worst case scenario when planning a road trip. However, to ensure the safety of everyone in the vehicle, it is best to pack a first aid kit. Even if someone gets a minor cut or has a headache, you want to be prepared because there could be long gaps between stops. Having a headache can spoil the road trip, not only for the person suffering with the headache but for everyone in the vehicle.

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Vehicle Documents

You may be asked to show documents related to your vehicle or a driving license. You must always carry your car registration and insurance documents. This applies even if you are not using your own vehicle and have hired a car. In addition, if you are embarking on a road trip in a foreign country, you should get an international driving license. An international driving permit is a UN regulated travel document, which is accepted worldwide and certifies you are the holder of a valid driver’s license in your country of origin.

Food and Drink

Always pack food and drink when you go on a road trip. Even if you plan to stop somewhere to have a meal as part of the trip, if you are in the car for several hours at a time, you will want some refreshment. This is especially true if you have kids in the car. Furthermore, in the unfortunate event you breakdown, you will have food and drink with you while you wait for assistance, which could take some time. It is also a good idea to carry blankets so you can keep warm in the vehicle if you are waiting in cold conditions.

Mobile Phone and Charger

Most people carry a mobile phone and it is useful on road trip if you need to check any information online, such as maps or make a phone call. It is important to have a charger you can use in the car because if you breakdown, you will need to use the phone to make a call. If the phone is being used as a satnav and for entertainment purposes, the battery could run out at a crucial time.

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