People are moving away from SMS and MMs surely but slowly as it was the ultimate way of text messages. It began few years before with some apps like AOL messenger and has mixed up into several unique options that all played very well. Definitely, over the last few days advancement kicked it up. Users have more options now than actually required. Anyhow the great messenger persuades all family members and friends to use it. We will dig out the best kinds of messenger apps and their features.

• Band:

The band is an ambitious app for groups and users can make all the groups and invite others as well. The originator suggests this app to others on the sports teams, gaming clans, school groups, working office teams,s and any other groups like that. Everyone has a good time, join it and chat it up.

Users can suggest this group app into many other channels comparable applications such as Discord and Slack. Users can also send messages directly in the personal chat box and can add calendars for different activities of groups. The band is free of cost and performed well in testing.

• Discord:

This is one of the fantastic messenger apps for gamers. Cross-platform features of discord subsidize between computer operating systems and mobile phones. It has a web client for those floors without a native app. Discord app also have functions like voice chat, GIF support, multiple text chats, and much more.

A person on the service can make their own servers or connect others as required. Mostly it is gone for gaming. Some of us use it just for organizational systems and average voice chat. It provides free services for everybody. However, with Discord Nitro subscription some extra cosmetic features can be unlocked.

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Facebook Messenger Lite:

This is among all the most famous messenger apps. Facebook has two version chat apps. The lite version is just a simple app with some far frills and the regular one adds all basic features like chat heads stickers appearance changing and many more. People who are heavily using this Facebook messenger app want to join it as a regular app.

Those who do not like the nonsense of Facebook must try the Lite version. Eventually, Facebook is launching ads for this chat application. Anyways, all are free to use. In 2018 facebook had few security problems though everyone is using this messenger app nowadays.

• Slack:

This is one of the outstanding messenger apps that are designed for business purposes. Slack has professional look and is super clean and feel. Groups can make conductive calls, channels, and many more. Slack has some options that can support third-party apps like Giphy, Asana, Google Drive, and some other skillful tools.

Multiple Slack servers can be joined by users. This is an entirely free app and has not any kind of in-app purchases. Slack is like a professional version of Discord and honestly, it is more or less like Discord.

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