An accident can happen suddenly within a few seconds, and all that is left in the aftermath of the accident and damage to the people and vehicles. Emergency vehicles arrive soon to take care of the injured people and take them to the hospital. If a victim gets into a car accident, they should contact Glastonbury personal injury lawyer

While you wait for the police to arrive at the crash scene, the victim should take photographs of the scene to help claim insurance and build your legal case. However, the victims should take pictures only when they are fine and not injured. 

How to take pictures in personal injury accidents?

Besides eyewitnesses and police records, photographs of the accident scene are essential because they might be the only reliable evidence collected from the crash scene. The best time to click photos is before the police arrive. 

As you begin taking photos, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure that the lawsuit or insurance company can use the images for investigation and evidence purposes. Many people enjoy clicking photos by applying filters to make them more visually appealing. The habit can be tempting, but the victim needs to resist clicking pictures in the way they share on social media. 

Here are some tips and ways to click photos in an accident scene.

  1. Photographs showing damage to both the vehicles

Walk around the cars involved in the accident and take close-up photographs of the damages, broken windows, windshields, deployed airbags, dents, and other visible injuries. You can also lean in and take interior pictures of the car if it is safe. 

  1. Traffic signals.

A photo might not be possible to show whether the traffic signal was red or green at the time of the accident. Still, it can be beneficial for investigators by looking at the position of traffic lights, indicators, and other signs related to the crash. 

  1. Take an overview of the accident.

Take a few steps back and shoot photos of the entire accident scene from different angles and in the images, including the position of the vehicles. Do not worry if you captured other elements in the picture that were not present during the accident. The police officers or other investigators present in the photographs will not affect. 

  1. Road conditions, including weather

Take photos of the road condition showing skid marks, including potholes or sites under construction, dry, wet, uneven pavement, etc. Also, ensure to take photos of the weather conditions during the accident. It might also happen that rainy or snowy weather conditions caused the accident.

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