TikTok today is being perceived as a mainly youth oriented platform, but we wouldn’t agree with that: video is the best format that makes information flow into your mind quickly and easily, that’s why people of all ages actually prefer watching videos rather than reading texts. And therefore, the audience on this social media platform varies very widely: from kids to adults and seniors. And anyone who’s willing to create the content (no matter the aims – to entertain or to sell) can find their audience.

In this article we’re going to tell you how to find your audience and, what’s more important, how to grow it quickly. It might seem like this is a hard thing to do which will take forever, but this isn’t true if you know several helpful tricks. The first one we’re going to talk about is going to be completely free, and the second one will take some investments. 

Let’s start from the free one – the best way to find your audience would be using trends as a filter. You should include them into your normal posting routine and figure out how many views you’re getting on each one of them. The trends are a very nice example of how people divide into groups: the younger ones prefer certain things, the older ones prefer other ones. And so on – the people might divide not only by age, but also by interests and social groups.

You have to figure it out and see, what’s your target audience. After you’ve figured it out, try to follow the trends that your group or groups are following. It helps massively with finding like-minded people and making them stay; even though they might not want to buy something you’re trying to sell (we’re talking not only about the products), they will stay for the quirks and the laughs. 

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And now let’s talk about the paid method, that takes way less of your effort, but takes some money to put in. You can buy TikTok followers, but if you decide to do it you have to be careful with what you’re buying and where from. We’re talking not only about the major safety rules, but also about the quality of the services that you’re willing to consume. Making sure that you’re buying high quality subscribers is a necessary thing to do – if you purchase fake ones, you’re going to have serious problems with activity on your profile and under your videos. If your content will only be consumed by bots because of the organized promotion, TikTok is going to perceive your profile as fake as well, and won’t show your videos to anyone but the same fake pages. You can easily guess where it will take you in a very short period of time. 

But if you buy TikTok followers cheap and real all at the same time, it is going to be the best thing that you can do for your page. This way TikTok will perceive your page as the one that has lots of activity on it, therefore people are highly interested in what you’re posting and your videos are worthy of showing to other people.

This is how it works and this nuance is super important to keep in mind when you’re trying to buy some services for your page’s promotion. And if you’re trying to be the smartest here, purchasing several services for promotion would be superior: this way you’ll be able to create a wholesome and highly successful look of your profile. People won’t have any questions about your page’s past and will more willingly watch what you’re posting and what has gained so many likes previously. 

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This is basically the main trick that you can use in terms of online promotion: fake it till you make it, as they say. When people see that you have already reached a certain level of validation and love of your audience, they will have a certain positive prejudice about your content. And this is exactly what you need to attract as many new viewers as possible. 

So, summing up: be in touch with what’s happening on TikTok and use its trends to filter your audience and see who’s watching your stuff the most. Be smart with what you’re buying and where from, check out the reviews from the previous buyers and make sure to ask all the questions before you pay anybody any of your money. 

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