The ability to share work with others and work on the same document seamlessly and collaboratively is a large part of the data age we now inhabit. This article will examine how the ways, means, and ideas around sharing have changed and developed with the new normal way of work. The majority of work has now become team-based, and as such, there needs to be a clear way for these teams to share information and work together. This article will look at the main changes that the collaboration online has changed the way we all work.

Sharing documents

There are now cloud-based tools that will allow you to work on the same documents projects as others in the organization. This can be done at the same time as the others and has made shared work a lot easier. Microsoft 365 is the ultimate shared application for office work as exampled at and will go a long way to ensuring that you are on the same page as your colleagues. Another advantage of such document sharing is that it presents a great way to ensure that the documents are stored safely. Google docs are probably the best-known means of such sharing, but as mentioned, there are so many other options at the moment, and it will do your business well to look into these options before you choose a platform for your business.

Tasks and projects that are shared or have different team input

Entire teams are able to share their work on a central database, allowing those with permission and access to be in a position to check, update and add to such work. Project management software and mobile applications can be updated in real time so that all those working on the project are aware of progress and any outstanding tasks that need to be completed.

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Overcoming work challenges in communication channels

Workplace forums and chat groups have simply exploded in popularity and use over the past 24 months and the global pandemic. Workforces have become used to using the most appropriate technology to meet, interact, discuss issues, and do work. These meeting and discussion forums are the biggest advantages of these sharing channels.

Brainstorming together for new projects

Using electronic whiteboards has become increasingly popular in the modern workplace. Talent from across the company and around the globe is now able to meet and discuss issues and brainstorm around new projects and pieces of work. It is an incredibly eco-friendly means of office work.

Online sharing and collaboration in the cloud is the new normal way of doing business. No longer are documents emailed and sent, they can now simply be shared using a SharePoint, One Drive, or in the cloud on a company server. The best advice that you can get is to ensure that you have the right tech collaborative tools for the tasks at hand and that staff who use these tools are sufficiently trained and capacitated to use them cogently and for the benefit of the business.

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