Frequent ride sharers are likely to feel completely safe every time that they jump into a rideshare. However, even if you’ve never personally had a bad experience, there are several key scenarios you should be aware of. There are always ways to remain safer when traveling, so understanding how to properly vet a potential rideshare experience becomes critical. To assist you, here are seven essential safety tips for frequent ride sharers: 

1. Share Your Trip 

Especially if it’s nighttime, you must travel with others if at all possible. Not only does this ensure you’ll be guarded against potentially creepy drivers, but it will help keep you safe from anyone who would threaten you outside of your rideshare as well. If you have to travel alone, sharing your rip status and location with a trusted friend is always the second-best option, so be sure to learn how to do just that before going on your next nighttime ride-sharing adventure. 

2. Stay Calm if an Accident Happens 

With the sheer amount of time rideshare drivers spend on the road, the unfortunate truth is that they are bound to get into accidents now and then. If you’re in the car when this occurs, it can be a frightening, difficult time. Especially if the accident was caused by the rideshare driver’s negligence, the chance of you gaining an injury during the accident becomes much more likely. If you find yourself in this type of uber accident, knowing that you can seek legal help is key. 

3. Never Give Out Personal Information 

Uber and other rideshares are designed to give the driver as little information about you as possible. If a driver ever asks you for more personal information, you should deny them this information. Not only is this incredibly unprofessional of them, but it can be a red flag that they are looking to potentially harm you. To stay safe and keep the experience as professional and smooth as possible, you must never give out the type of critical personal information that a driver may be asking for. 

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4. Consider Your Driver’s Rating 

While rideshare apps use ratings to thin out drivers who are frequently given low ratings, the process for these eliminations can sometimes take a while. To ensure you’re getting a ride from a professional, safe driver you must always check the rating of your assigned driver. If a driver’s rating is lower than you’d prefer, or if they have questionable reviews, you can cancel your ride and get in a vehicle with someone you can trust. It’s your right as a consumer to do so, so you should never feel bad about needing to cancel a ride for this reason. 

5. Know the Area

Understanding the area you’re traveling in is one of the most surefire ways to stay safe during any travel scenario, and rideshare trips are no different. If you have a good understanding of the safe, and unsafe, areas around you, it’s easier to avoid potentially dangerous situations. If you understand the area, you can also request that your driver switch course if you’re suddenly taken into an area where you feel unsafe. This step is much easier if you’re ridesharing locally, however. 

6. Sit in the Backseat 

Even if you enjoy riding up front, riding in the back of a rideshare helps keep both you and the rideshare driver safe. You can still socialize effectively from the backseat, and you’re much safer in the backseat if an accident occurs, so be sure to take this tip seriously. Most professional rideshare drivers will never ask you to sit in the front, so if this happens, it may be a good idea to reconsider the safety and feel of the rideshare experience in front of you. 

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7. Confirm a Vehicle and Driver’s Information Before Entering the Car

Lastly, you must confirm that you’re getting into the right vehicle, with the right driver, before starting every rideshare journey. Criminals will sometimes pose as rideshare drivers, so following this tip every single time is critical to your safety. Additionally, if a rideshare driver is lying about their vehicle on an app, they are much more likely to drive dangerously or act unprofessionally, so this would be reason enough to cancel your ride and look for a safer driver to rideshare with. Considering how safe the condition of the vehicle you’re about to enter into can be critical as well. 

Stay Safe and Comfortable

With the ability to properly vet your rideshare experiences, you’ll easily gain the confidence you need to travel in a safe, comfortable manner. The vast majority of rideshare drivers are professional, kind, and dedicated to getting you to your destination on time. With this extra information at your disposal, however, you can feel guaranteed that you’ll never find yourself in a suddenly dangerous rideshare scenario.

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