What is Panchang? In some Indian languages, “Panchang” means “the round wheel.” The origin of the name is not clear but is probably from the Sanskrit words panch (a round, hard disk, wheel) and change (turning; used to indicate a turning of the wheel).

Secret behind Panchang and why should you know about it?

Do you know that it has a special role in your natal chart which can depict your future?

The wheel’s history may be as ancient as 3000 B.C., but the Indians did not introduce it. There are references to wheels found in Sanskrit literature, in Buddhist texts, in the Mahabharata, in the Upanishads and the Kathy poems. From here, the concept of panchang originated. Now, monthly Panchang is used to calculate dates for the auspicious occasion.

A Panchang is a Hindu month calendar, which follows the traditional units of the Hindu calendar, Jyotisa. It uses the lunar calendar rather than the solar calendar, as is the case with the Chinese calendar. The month of Jyotisa, which falls in April as per monthly Panchang, is the only month in which there is a full moon. Panchang is used to calculate tithi, and you can use tithi this month for calculations.

The Panchang is circular. Each of its spokes represents thence, or faces, of the planets. The circle has twenty-two spokes, while each of the twenty-one spokes has a face associated with that particular planet. Monthly Panchang helps one make astrological calculations.

The twenty-two faces of the wheel are placed in a rectangular box, called a Panchang, made up of fourteen segments. On a normal day, these segments are turned over once in twenty-one seconds. Thus, the entire Panchang moves around the wheel twenty-two times within one day. 

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How do segments of Panchang play a unique role in the transformation of your stars?

Resulting in change of fortune and difficulties which if not taken care of at the correct time from an astrologer can be troublesome enormously!

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Each segment of the wheel has a different face. They are as follows:

The first segment of monthly Panchang, called the Vikritis, is the first day of the new moon. On this day, the Sun stands in the western sky. It is, therefore, the day of Magha, the energy of light. The second segment of the wheel is called Loh, and it represents the energy of fire.

The third segment, called Kriya, is the fourth day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It is known as the full moon of the Yang. As per monthly Panchang, this is the day when the Sun is out in the sky and the Earth’s magnetic field lines up with the North magnetic pole. Then the fifth cart, known as Magha, is the last day of the new moon. It represents the Iron element.

The fifth and final cart, referred to as Ruru, is the day of Magha. It represents the Water element. The direction of movement of the wheel is similar to that of the Earth. When it moves in the direction of the North pole, it indicates favourable and prosperous conditions. However, when it moves against the North magnetic pole, it signifies some problem or obstacle in your life. Therefore, you should do something to change this. 

The significance of astrology can never be denied. From the bible, we know that God predicted the future with the stars. It is also stated that he does it for us to understand his will. It is not only for entertainment purposes but as a way of knowing the future.

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Effect of the movement of heavenly bodies on astrological charts with direct implication on your career and marriage. Effectively concepts of Astrology is the best way to understand and know about you to get an immediate solution!

The wisdom of the ancients can be seen in the fact that they used astrological charts to know the future. In addition, the wise people in the east realized that the most important event is going to happen in Judah based on the alignment of heavenly bodies such as the Leo Constellations. In a nutshell, the meaning of astrology lies in its direct effect on the movement of heavenly bodies such as the moon, planets, and Sun. 

By knowing the position of the planets and the moon’s phase, we can say that we have an idea of what is coming up in the future. In short, the significance of astrology is:

  • Life guidance
  • Career Guidance
  • Marriage Guidance
  • Problem solution

If we want to predict the future, we need to understand the basic concepts of astrology. We need to know the major influences to help us get a glimpse of what is to come. One of these is the influence of the planets. We have to understand that certain planets are fixed in place, which exerts a definite influence on other planets. These minor planets are referred to as the planets of the zodiac.

To give you a better understanding of the significance of astrology, it is best if we take a look at the zodiac signs. Each sign has its significant aspect. It is essential to note that an individual’s sign differs from another person’s because it is determined by the birth time, birth date, and date of birth. For this reason, there are 12 zodiac signs in total. Each of them carries with it certain traits. This article will focus on the two most important aspects of astrological wisdom: the Sun Sign and the Moon Sign.

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Role of signs as per tithi and why is it necessary to take guidance from astrologers and astrological chart makers at the earliest

The Sun Sign is what we commonly refer to as our physical presence. A person with a Sun Sign has personal characteristics that are grounded, direct, and dominant. You can say that an individual with a Sun Sign is direct because they tend to think and act as though they are in their element. Because of their direct and dominant nature, it is best to seek help from astrologers and astrological chart makers to build an effective astrological chart.

The Moon Sign is the opposite of the Sun Sign. People born under this sign are passive and emotional. They are sensitive, emotional, and have various mood swings. Because of these mood swings. It would be best to talk to astrologer online. Astrological chart makers to build an effective birth chart.


Another aspect of astrology that you should know and understand is that astrology is based on the effects of celestial bodies, specifically the Sun, Moon, and planets. The planet affects astrological charts in two different ways. First off, the planets affect your personal qualities or characteristics. And second off, the planets affect the sign that you are born under.

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