If you are looking for a tire replacement, you know how expensive of a purchase it can get. And the worst part is being doubtful of your buying options. Once you have bought an expensive tire of good quality, you expect it to run for a longer time. What if it doesn’t? Is high price an equivalent to good quality? And is low price an equivalent to low quality? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Don’t be overwhelmed because what you need is a proper guide to how the buy the best tire. 

But Why Walmart?

Now, Walmart may not be on your list of options, but it is on the list of many other people. A lot of you might not even know if it offers tire replacements. But the thing is that their auto care center provides an affordable bargain, a safe installation and is available at almost every branch. 

Are you still curious why we have pitched Walmart and tires in the same blog? Well, let us just say it is an active center when it comes to tires. It is slowly becoming a pioneer in selling branded tires that offer good value to customers. 

If you are convinced or want to take your shot at Walmart, keep reading. And we will discuss all the things you would need to know before buying a tire at Walmart. 

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How to Buy a Tire at Walmart? 

Let us get to the main point first. If you need a tire, how would you buy it? Isn’t it obvious? At Walmart, right? But no. That is not what the situation here. You can buy the tires at Walmart through two options, either online or on-site. Didn’t see that coming, did you? 

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For the former, it is an easy purchase. All you need to do is go to any nearby Walmart auto care center and the employee there will help you out with the purchase. They will assist you in buying the perfect fit for your vehicle. If you don’t know where the auto care center is, simple go to the website and find the nearby one from the locator. 

For the latter, it is a bit tricky because you need to know the vehicle information. If you are a car enthusiast, you would know the line of remakes that model has but for the newbies out there like me, it can get a bit tough. 

You simply will have to go to the Walmart website and go to the tire department. It will show you a bunch of tire options. Filter the search by inserting the vehicle information, things like the year and the model of the car. Other filter searches allow to choose from brands, prices, sales etc. You can get it delivered or pick it up from the store for the quality check. 

Can’t Walmart Install the Tires?

Glad to have come to this point. Yes, they can, and they do! 

Walmart has a special installation platform at their auto care center. You can either bring your own tire or buy one from the center itself. Whatever your option may be, the center will help you install the tire. If you purchase online, you will have to bring the tire for the installation. But that is pretty much the given.

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They have standard charges for each tire replacement, but they do have special packages from basic to advance. These packages differ in features and prices. But the great thing about these packages is that they do not just offer tire replacement but also offer other services like mounting, service packs and warranty. 

If you are in hopes to get additional services, you may ask the representative there, but the only downfall is that the additional services are for Walmart tires only.   

Are the Tires Refundable? 

Not refundable. But yes, they can be returned or replaced. If you do not like the tires you have bought, then that it might not be enough reason for a replacement. The tires should be in clean and sealed condition for the replacement to happen.

If you have already installed them or have driven a few miles with the tire even if they are smooth and clean, it will be a no from the store. The only way you can be assured of getting the store to say yes is if you have a store-bought tire in your hand. And if it has a warranty stamped on its purchase then you can be hopeful of other bonuses. 

The key is that the tire needs to be sent to the tire centers that are part of the Walmart store. If any branch doesn’t have one, then it is a heavy burden that you will be carrying. Oh no, not just the financial burden but tire’s burden as well to far away locations. 

However, there is a catch amongst all the shallow talk. You have a deadline of 90 days. I think it is a lot of time to change your mind. If you are unsatisfied with the purchase, go ahead and call the care center at Walmart. Because if you are hoping for a replacement after the deadline then you might not be entertained, Karen. 

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Does Walmart Offer Discounts on Tires?

This is my favorite part. It makes me happy that there are low-rate options for all the customers looking for budget friendly purchases. If you didn’t get that, yes! Walmart offers special discounts and promo codes. 

The promo codes are a special offer for all the customers worried about spending too much on their purchases. You need a tire? What are you going to do, use cartwheels? Those can be expensive too. Man, the economy. Well, no. you are not going to buy cartwheels. You will opt for the Walmart tire promo code

Now, if you are lucky, you might even get a promo code for free shipping. Shipping fees can stop a lot of people from shopping online so that is covered as well. Apart from that, there are bundle deals, gift cards, coupons, and clearance sales. Moreover, if you see a lower price at the website and a higher price at the store, you can claim the price match policy f Walmart and buy the tire at a lower price. Save up, people!  

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