When you plan to customize your t-shirt with custom prints, you should follow these tips. Make sure to communicate the design you have in mind to the company you are working with. Include details such as the type of t-shirt you want and the printing style you wish to apply. If possible, send an example design you want to place on the t-shirt or a picture that matches your vision.

Choosing a t-shirt printing company

Good customer service should be available. When looking for a custom t-shirt printing company, look for an established reputation and a portfolio that displays a range of designs. Make sure to read independent reviews to ensure the quality of their work is up to par. Also, you can visit their custom printing studio to see how your design will be made.

A reputable t-shirt printing company will have plenty of customers. Look for a website with customer reviews. People who have used a particular company will have positive things to say about their experience. It’s also worth checking reviews online. Companies with good reviews are usually easy to work with. Ensure that the t-shirt printing company has the proper equipment to print your design.

It would be best to consider the price when choosing a t-shirt printing company. The company’s prices should be transparent. If the company is cheap, the quality will probably be low. Choose a company within your budget that has a good reputation and can meet deadlines. Remember that some companies have minimum turnaround times for specific designs. If you’re ordering a large quantity of custom t-shirts, look for a company that offers packages.

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Choosing a t-shirt type

When choosing a t-shirt type to customize, there are several things to consider. The following are a few guidelines that you can follow when selecting a type of t-shirt to customize with custom prints.

Fabric: While choosing a material, several options are available to you. Cotton, for example, is the least expensive material. Cotton also shows colors well, making it an excellent choice for custom printing. Other fabrics won’t be able to show colors as well. Cotton t-shirts come in many subcategories. Cotton shirts have many advantages, but they can be tricky to customize.

Style: Another important factor is the design and content of your t-shirt. Depending on the intended audience, you may want to consider a short-sleeve crewneck or a longer-sleeve design. Regardless of the type of shirt, a design that is comfortable and easy to wear is essential for a successful campaign. 

The placement of the print can make or break the design. The size of the print is essential, especially if it’s a large one. It is advisable to place your print somewhere in the middle of the shirt, not on the belly. An image in the middle of the chest is not flattering at all. Make sure your design is well-proportioned and readable on your shirt. You may check Talking Heads T shirts if you want the best design that suits you!

Adding your labels

Using a custom label on your t-shirt is a great way to give your shirt a unique look. Custom labels are stylish and can provide your t-shirt with the authority your brand deserves. You can choose the information you want on your label, but the choice is entirely yours. Here’s how to get started. First, create a label template. Then, print the labels.

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You can create a design that is both unique and functional. Make sure to choose a great font combination for your design. You can also upload your company’s logo and other graphic images to make the shirt more unique. Or, if you are planning to sell the t-shirt, consider adding ornate illustrations, vectors, and even photos from your library. Choose one that perfectly represents your brand.

Choosing a size

Most people are confused about the size of their t-shirt. If you pick a too-small t-shirt, the graphic will appear too small, and if you choose a large one, the design will overwhelm the t-shirt. Also, you’ll want to ensure the graphic size is right for your t-shirt, or your image could end up being ineffective. To avoid mishaps, measuring your t-shirt and finding a sizing guide are essential.

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