It’s customary for the best man in a wedding to plan a bachelor party so grooms and their friends can get together to celebrate in style before the big day. Every husband-to-be is a little different, though, which makes bachelor party planning a bit tough. People who want to really wow their friends can read on to find some tips for making any bachelor party unforgettable.

Discuss Plans in Advance

It may be tempting to surprise the groom, but that’s almost always a mistake. It’s better to discuss bachelor party ideas in advance to ensure the party will meet the honoree’s expectations, not the planners. Some people love giant blow-out parties, while others prefer to keep things more intimate and invite only a few friends. It’s best to figure out which approach to take in advance.

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Get Out and Get Active

While bachelor parties began as civilized evenings of drinking, smoking, and conversation held in the groom’s drawing-room, those years are over. These days, most grooms prefer to get out of the house and get active, which can mean anything from throwing a party at a local venue to planning a full weekend getaway.

Think About Throwing a Weekend Party

There’s no requirement that bachelor parties last a full weekend, or even that they be held on a Friday or Saturday night. Best men who want to really wow their friends and have a great time with the groom often wind up finding that throwing weekend parties is a good way to mix things up. Think spending a mellow Friday night getting caught up, then heading out for a little more adventure on Saturday and giving everyone plenty of time to recover by throwing a pre-departure Sunday brunch.

Understand Boundaries

There’s a common misconception in American society that all bachelor parties need to involve visits to strip clubs and other seedy activities. The problem with this approach is that many husbands-to-be have no interest in being guilted into getting lap dances. It’s always best to understand and respect the groom’s boundaries, especially when it comes to things that could impact not just his friendship with the best man but also the couple’s future marriage.

Get the Timing Right

As anyone who has seen The Hangover already knows it’s never wise to throw a bachelor party right before a wedding. Make a point of leaving at least three days in between, especially if the party will be a weekend-long affair. Leaving ample space between the bachelor party and the wedding itself can also take a little stress off of everyone’s plates, especially the groom’s.

Get Planning

It takes serious time, effort, and saving to plan the perfect bachelor party, so don’t put it all off until the very last minute. Instead, start planning well in advance, reaching out to potential venues, and discussing ideas with the groom and the attendees as early on as possible. Plenty of advanced planning will make it easier to throw a truly memorable party.

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