In a world where most businesses try to do everything online, there are certain often neglected and forgotten aspects of the marketing and brand-building processes. These are the most forgotten means of building a business brand. It may be that your business can do all of these aspects of brand building.

Still, generally, there are one or two that most companies need to add to their existing initiatives for brand building and advertising. Also, if you are a business owner, don’t forget your employees. They are the one who works for you, so giving them a gift to appreciate their value is a great move. If you might ask, is an employee gift tax deductible? You can find the answer to that online.

Events, shows, and markets

Being able to show, test, and discuss the product or service that you offer with potential customers and clients is a winner for your brand. Be it at product and sector-specific shows, trade events, or local markets, the aim should be to get the product and service out there and all the better if it’s able to be tactile and face to face so you can begin to build the brand story with your customers. Research what’s on in your local areas or areas where the brand does well or wants to expand into, then attend any relevant trade and product shows or markets where you can sell the product and market the services and give out free gifts of corporate branded items. Some great examples of useful and long-lasting branded items for gifts are produced by and have been known to be widely used to make customers happy while spreading brand awareness.

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This is the information and data age, and as such, it is now more than ever recognized that to build your brand, you will need information. There can be no brand building or even the development of an idea for a product or brand without clear and precise knowledge and understanding of your intended audience. The spread and growth of big business data now provide the means for all businesses to be in the know. The business must know the market and understand its competitors to take advantage of changes in demands and needs.

Logo design and colors

Being visual is still what grabs a significant percentage of your potential customers and clients. The appearance, feel, and perceptions of the brand logo, color and designs need to be eye-catching and appropriate for both the product or service and the market segment that you’re aiming for.

Social media

Social media or social marketplaces are the current marketing and brand-building area of choice for many. It is, after all, where customers and clients spend their time and, as such, is a logical progression to see that brands are being built online with the emergence of product and sector-specific tribes and followings. There is no way that you can build a brand of any significance without some form of social media and engagement with your customers on a regular basis.

This clearly shows that in order to competently build your brand, your business will need to integrate the old marketing techniques with the new, the traditional with the online and electronic. The best way to build a brand is to use an integrated and varied means of marketing, which has been well planned and then competently implemented.

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