A personal injury claim seeks to compensate plaintiffs in the case of injury to a person’s body. It also covers damage to reputation or emotions. It could also be negligence if you do not take due care to prevent an accident. Thus, filing a personal injury lawsuit without a lawyer can put you in a disadvantageous spot.

Let’s say you run a brick-and-mortar store. During a cleaning session, a customer slips and falls. You could be liable for the injuries if you did not put a warning sign showing ‘cleaning in progress.’ 

The other instance is strict liability, like in the case of a defective product. You may not have had the intention to act in a negligent manner. But, an injury occurs due to the use of the product. 

The third personal injury cases cover intentional wrongs. This could be due to trespassing, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. False imprisonment is also sueable under intentional wrongs. 

Personal injury cases cover a broad spectrum. These include automobile accidents, workplace accidents, medical malpractice, and toxic torts. Thus, you must do all you can to protect yourself, or those working for you from a personal injury. We will show you how.

Personal Injury and Lawsuit: Ways to Protect Yourself

Ensure a Safe Environment

You must ensure that you’re operating in a safe environment. Let’s say you have business premises and there is damage to the infrastructure. You could, for example, slip and fall if the floor is not in good condition. 

The same happens to anyone else who will be visiting your premises. Make sure you repair any such damages and keep the shop floor clean. Be aware of your surroundings to avoid any accidents that would result in injury. 

If the unfortunate case happens, a group of Washington personal injury lawyers suggested getting an attorney with such expertise. They have the relevant experience and specialization to deal with such incidents. The attorneys will go through the case files with a keen eye. Only then can they recommend whether you can or should sue. 

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When hiring a personal injury attorney, look at their expertise. The best source of information is by referencing past successful cases. They should also have the license to operate in that particular state. 

The best personal injury lawyers will provide a free case valuation before taking the case. That saves you money, which during an accident can be very tight. 

Insurance Is Important

One way to protect yourself from personal injury expenses is to get insurance. Any accident comes with attendant costs. You may find yourself in a hospital facing huge bills. The insurance cover will take care of the medical fees. 

Insurance also offers third-party liability. If you cause the accident and another party gets injured, they could sue for personal injury. In that case, the insurance will take care of such costs. 

Please take time to read the documents well to know what the insurance covers. Let the underwriters know, as soon as possible, of your involvement in an accident. 

Let’s take the example of car accidents. The other party may want to avoid reporting the accident to their insurance. Accidents can make the premiums go up.

It may be tempting to settle the issue on the spot. But, it could have severe repercussions in the long run. Let’s say the medical bills are higher than what you had both anticipated. You will have to take care of the rest of the costs. 

Let the insurance agents handle the negotiations on your behalf. That is, after all, what you will be paying them to handle on your behalf. 

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Learn to Identify the Hazards

We talked about being vigilant of your surroundings. But it also helps if you know how to identify hazards. Something as simple as a ‘cleaning in progress’ sign can help avoid accidents. It helps if everyone in the company understands safe practices and areas. The same applies to your equipment. 

Carry out regular inspections of vehicles and machinery. You want to avoid breakdowns or harm to those using them. Proper use of machinery for handling and lifting heavy weights is critical.

The Environmental Health and Safety Authority has a list you can use to identify job hazards specific to each industry. 

Please note that in as much as you can sue other people for personal injury, the same can happen to you. An employee can get hurt in the commission of duty and come after you for compensation. 

The law requires companies with large labor forces to take workman’s compensation. It is an excellent way to shield business owners against liabilities arising from employee injuries. 

Have and Adhere To an Emergency Action Plan Document

An emergency action plan can significantly affect how you respond to situations. Many business owners take time to develop such policy documents. They outline emergency exits, set meeting places, and account for team members’ whereabouts. 

As a staff member, the onus is on you to understand the documents in detail. Make sure you take part in fire drills. You never want to be in doubt about what to do in an emergency. 

An employer can get away with making compensation in a personal injury suit. They will only need to prove that they took the necessary steps to prevent harm. You would have to prove that you were not responsible for what happened. 

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Wear Protective Gear 

Protecting yourself from personal injury extends to wearing the right gear. This is quite critical when handling specific jobs. Take the example of personal protective equipment (PPE). If the employer has invested in such and given them to you, make sure you use them. 

Wearing gloves, safety goggles, and hard hats, for instance, is a rule at any construction site. If you neglect to wear such and an accident happens, you will be at fault. 

As a staff member, you also have a right to speak up. If, for instance, the PPE is not adequate or up to standard, you can point it out to the employer. It is better to prevent an injury than to wait until something happens to speak up. 

Final Thoughts

A personal injury is a headache you never want. There is the pain that accompanies the healing process. Yet, beyond that is the financial implication. You may have to deal with lost wages and cover medical costs. Thus, it pays to do everything within your power to avoid personal injury. 

The same applies if you’re a business owner. Employees, customers, and other stakeholders must be safe within your premises. 

But things don’t always work as they should. Seek the services of a personal injury lawyer if you find yourself on either side of the accident. As a plaintiff, the attorneys can help negotiate a settlement. If you are the defendant, they will do their part to safeguard your interests.

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