Guest posting has become an essential search engine optimisation (SEO) technique for web pages looking to boost their blogs and build awareness. Guest posting simply means contributing content to somebody else’s website or blog.

Most bloggers want to obtain high-quality content for their guest posting sites, making guest posts a favourable situation for the contributor and the host because it enables you to reach out to more audiences and creates backlinks to help improve rankings in search engines.

You can provide this on your website while creating content for other websites that speak to a familiar audience like yours. This is a brilliant way to reach out to new visitors and make your business popular amongst the public. 

What is Guest Posting in SEO?

For those of you who are not quite familiar with blogging, content marketing, and SEO, guest posting is the process of writing and publishing an article or a blog post on somebody else’s guest post submission sites. Your job might or might not be compensated monetarily. This depends on whether the website or the blog provides a monetary incentive for your contributions.

There is a small difference between being a contributor and guest posting. Guest posting is more for those who are searching for contributing a one-time post, whereas being a contributor might need some commitment. 

Whatever you prefer to call this procedure, make sure that your posts are published only on quality, reliable, and reputable sites. It is imperative if you wish to reap the rewards of guest posting.

What are the Benefits of Guest Posting?

Guest post or guest blogging services are the best techniques for online marketing that you can utilise. If you want to stand in your field of work as a professional and want to enhance your industry’s status, begin contributing to guest posting sites

You might be thinking, “why should I work for somebody else’s blog?”. Then the following may assist you to comprehend the advantages of guest posting: –

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Guest posts not only increase your social shares but also increases your followers. Thus, linking yourself with a commanding website means that the party on the other side is promising for your brand’s reliability. This certainly grants a status boost.

In most guest post submission sites, you will be allowed to customise your profile. It gives you an opportunity to add more links to your work. All these advantages will aid you to win your audience’s trust.

Boost Brand Awareness

If you begin sharing information with people that are pretty rare in the industry, you will soon be known in the community, and your brands will earn a significant boost amongst customers. 

Note that you need to promote your brand with every content you post. This way, you will be able to promote your brand to your audience.

Boost Your Online Authority

Nowadays, online marketing revolves around authority. Even if you write high-quality content, you will not release it on a large scale if the audience does not believe your brand.

However, with the contribution you make to the other guest posting sites, you will improve your authority as an industry professional.

Instant Exposure

It is not a big deal whether you are getting a backlink or not. Writing on other blogs means you are creating yourself as an industry professional. This practice also assists your audience to develop an interest in your works.

If you can achieve to write high-quality content and cover the people’s problems, you can expect traffic flooding into your site.

Best Guest Posting Site List for Your Content

As a new guest blogger, finding free guest post opportunities can be challenging. The following are the top 50 guest posts websites to improve your website ranking: –

  1. Mashable
  2. Getresponse
  3. Content Marketing Institute
  4. MarketingProfs
  5. Outbrain
  6. World Growth Today
  7. Tidy Repo
  8. Biggerpockets
  10. Wise Bread
  11. Boarding Area
  12. Go Abroad
  13. The Planet D
  14. Psychology Today
  15. Lifehacks
  16. Health Line
  17. Mind-Body Green
  18. Disney Food Blog
  19. Menuism
  20. Saveur
  21. Mamamia
  22. Craft bits
  23. Forbes
  24. Wall Street Journal
  25. Modern Mom
  26. Indiewire
  27. eLearn Magazine
  28. Edutopia
  29. Tutorful
  30. StartupNation
  31. Create
  32. Techwalls
  33. tech code
  34. Techmod
  35. HubSpot
  36. Creative Bloq
  37. Benchmark
  38. ThemeCircle
  39. INC Magazine
  40. Oilprice
  41. Money Crashers
  42. Edreams
  43. Fox nomad
  44. Kevin MD
  45. The Master Cleanse
  46. T Nation
  47. Today’s Mama
  48. The Foodellers
  49. Food Matters
  50. Craft Gossip

Going through the platforms mentioned above can be highly helpful to start with guest posting. However, to get the best outcome, you must check the guest-posting norms of each forum.

Check whether you get a do-follow or no-follow link, what are the content requirements, and more. 


Guest posting can greatly impact your SEO efforts in total, but the procedure can be overwhelming without the appropriate tactics to be successful. Make sure your guest posts are worth their value in terms of gold by following the right strategies.

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