There are so many benefits of rugs in Dubai that people often wonder what exactly are the advantages of rugs in Dubai. First of all rugs in Dubai are a symbol of wealth and luxury for the residents of the United Arab Emirates. They are considered as a symbol of good luck and fortune in the United Arab Emirates (the UAE). The people of Dubai love rugs, and they even have their own rugs which they call as “Rugs of Dubai”. These rugs have a unique style and they are not simply ordinary carpets.

Why people prefer Rugs in Dubai

There are several reasons why people prefer to buy rugs in Dubai. Rugs in Dubai are durable, beautiful, and elegant. Apart from that, they are easy to maintain and maintenance of these outdoor rugs in Dubai is really simple. You can easily wash them in hot water using a mild detergent. Wool rugs in Dubai are also durable and most of the wool used in making these rugs is imported.

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Advantages of Jute Rugs 

Jute Rugs made of jute are very common in India, Nepal, and Pakistan & UAE. However, there are some areas where it has grown in great abundance and it is used as home décor in Dubai too. Jute is a tough fiber which is used to make carpets. Jute is used as a rope-type textile which is very strong. Jute rugs in Dubai also look like silk rugs and people who visit this part of the world would like to buy some of these rugs for their home décor.

Features of Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy Rugs These rugs look very much like shag rugs but the difference is that they are handmade. They are generally woven on looms from long-lasting cotton fibers. The texture is soft and they add a certain touch of style to the room which is not found in any other type of rug. These shaggy rugs come in different designs and colors and they are very popular in many parts of the world.

Silky Rugs

Silky Rugs These are quite expensive compared to all other rugs but they are worth the price. A silky rug is a high quality textile that is made of natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or silk. These rugs can be bought from any shop in Dubai. One can easily order these silk rugs in Dubai shops through their websites. In addition to that, silk rugs in Dubai are one of the best gift options one can give to his loved ones. One can gift these silk rugs in the form of beautiful rugs, curtains, bed spreads, bed sheets, etc.

Jute Outdoor Rugs

Jute Outdoor Rugs Jute is a very strong and durable fiber that has the potential to withstand adverse weather conditions for a longer period of time. It is used for making rugs and area rugs for outdoor purpose in Dubai. The quality of jute outdoor rugs in Dubai is really good as it does not lose its color and strength over a period of time. Jute is used as a foundation material in some flooring materials. Jute outdoor rugs made in Dubai have a very good visual appeal and can blend well with various interiors.


Most of the leading companies in Dubai specialize in manufacturing silky rugs. They also import their raw materials from various countries. So you need to have a good understanding about the process of manufacturing this type of product before zeroing on one. Quality is really important when it comes to silk rugs for home decoration in Dubai. Most of the manufacturers use the latest technology and high-end machines to produce the finest quality silk rugs Dubai.

Jute and Silky Rugs are imported directly from countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The process of growing these fibers is totally different from each other. That’s why the texture and quality of jute and shag rugs differ from each other. Jute is imported from northern countries and the processing is done by using modern machines that increases the weight. The strength and stiffness of shag rugs in Dubai is much better compared to the ones made in northern countries. Jute and shag rugs for home decoration in Dubai can be purchased in many online stores.

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