Well, scoring an outstanding PTE score can be hassle-free, if you have an appropriate PTE study for the preparation. It’s a one-stop solution for all your PTE preparation queries. Regular practice with the proper study material helps to achieve your desired PTE score. After opting for Englishfirms PTE classes in Parramatta, you don’t need to look for any other practice material because it contains everything required for the PTE preparation

When you opt for the online PTE study plan, it offers you the following services:

  • Live Face-to-face session with expert
  • PTE mock test & PTE practice test to evaluate your English proficiency level
  • Vocabulary exercises
  • A complete study plan for the PTE
  • Grammar, punctuation & pronunciation exercises
  • Training tutorials videos

Once you have started preparing through these services, there is nothing that can stop you from scoring 79+ in the PTE exam. To achieve your desired score in the PTE exam, you must know your current level of English proficiency. It will help you to become aware of your weaker part that needs to be improved to level up your skills. PTE mock test is the only way that will help to evaluate your exact level of English proficiency in the PTE.

“Let me tell you how to achieve your desired PTE score through PTE study.” 

Get oriented with the exam format

You will need to get familiar with the exam structure before appearing for the PTE test. Understanding the test format doesn’t mean the layout structure of the exam, it includes everything like four sections, tasks- types, time management & evaluation process.
Four sections are as follows:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening

These sections are split into tasks & sub-tasks. Getting oriented with the exam structure will help you to get oriented with the following things too:

  • Duration to complete each section
  • Duration to complete each task
  • Number of section & tasks & sub-tasks included in the exam
  • Attempt the tasks with different tips & tricks.

Vocabulary Practice

Vocabulary practice is the most effective service offered by the PTE study plan. An excellent vocabulary base will be an advantage for the PTE aspirant to improve their language skills. Reading as much as you can is the only way to improve your vocabulary. The more you read, the better your vocabulary base will be.

You can start watching the English lectures or movies with subtitles that can help you learn some new words. You can use a dictionary to check the meaning when you find a new word. In this way, you can easily improve your vocabulary base.

Reading Practice

You can use different magazines, books, newspapers, etc for reading purposes. When you are regularly practicing your reading skills, you will start getting an idea about the concept quickly. It will help you to save time while attempting each task because your speed of reading & understanding the concept is become far better by regular reading practice. You will need to figure out what is the actual demand of the question & explain it accordingly.

Writing Practice

Well, PTE study plan includes all the material & guidance that helps to practice your writing skills. You can easily improve your writing skills even by yourself too. You can start writing messages or e-mail in English to your loved ones. It will help to improve your writing skills.

Well, you will need to use correct punctuation. Regular practice will help you in the improvement of your writing speed. Everytime read the task first carefully & then make some point in the mind & then start writing. Always remember one thing: no need to explain irrelevant content i.e. not related to the topic. The content should be high quality & within the word limit. If you will perform the task in this way, you will get a high score in the writing section.

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Speaking Practice

You can start your speaking practice from your home then with your friends. Try to speak with them in English. The more you speak, the more you become. Regular speaking practice helps to improve your oral fluency & pronunciation. Always listen to the topic first, understand it clearly & then start speaking.

Don’t take long pauses in your speaking section because 3 seconds of the hold will stop the microphone & close the recording. You can start listening to English songs. It will help you to improve your pronunciation & you will learn the accent of pronouncing any word too.

Listening Practice

In the listening tasks, the expert will provide you with some recordings in English that you will need to hear properly, then attempt the tasks according to your listening. The speaker speaks in an American or British accent. Regular practice will help you to understand the accent properly. PTE study includes the proper material that can help you learn the accent, understand the concept, etc.

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