Looking for a good job opportunity to flourish and have a guaranteed future ahead. Well, Dubai is the right place to look into job opportunities. Dubai warmly welcomes the immigrants who are searching for job opportunities either for temporary or permanent purposes. There are various recruiting agencies that take responsibility for bringing new candidates to the business firms that have job vacancies and help them get employed. These agencies can help you find a job for temporary as well as permanent purposes. There are number of outsourcing companies that create the most reliable and best platforms for company’s growth and development!

Do you know what a permanent recruitment agency is?

Permanent recruitment agency mainly focuses on hiring highly qualified candidates who are willing to work permanently and not for temporary purposes, unlike contract recruitment. Contract recruitment is where one signs up a contract with the firm that will employ him for a particular period of time. Once the duration of the contract is over the person will have to give up the job and find a new one if he intends to stay or renew the contract with them. Permanent recruitment has no duration for the contract. They can experience health care facilities and other benefits of the company for a lifetime. Permanent recruitment jobs are mainly for those who are looking to settle in Dubai along with their family.

How does a permanent recruitment agency in Dubai work?

Dubai-based job agency that recruits for jobs like receptionist, private equity, oil and gas, and part-time jobs. These recruitment agencies are well-positioned to assist you in finding your next role in the Middle East mainly Dubai. They deal with a wide range of companies that offer full-time and part-time jobs accessible in Dubai due to their large number of job openings. 

They can assist you in finding a permanent full-time personal assistant or executive assistant position, as well as a permanent part-time receptionist post whatever your lifestyle, they will be able to do everything they can to find you the ideal match. Don’t miss out register today to be considered for the latest Dubai job opening in a variety of industries, including banking and investments, legal, oil and gas, and professional services, as well as private individual and family finances. These recruitment agencies will hire you for the following permanent positions in Dubai and elsewhere:

  • Audio secretary
  • Business assistant
  • Desk assistant
  • Events assistant
  • Events manager
  • Executive assistant,
  • Facilities assistant
  • Facilities manager
  • Junior secretary
  • Office assistant
  • Office junior
  • Office manager
  • Personal assistant
  • private PA
  • Receptionist
  • Shorthand secretary
  • Team secretary
  • Family offices

You can either select the job you want from the following career options or apply for a job of your interest. 

Why apply via permanent recruitment agencies?

It is going to be extremely time-consuming if you submit your resume for a job all by yourself. The process is very complicated, and it may take more of your time. Sometimes the company advertisements are not legit, so you might get into fraud companies too. To avoid all this commotion, it is safe to apply for jobs via recruiting agencies. They will reduce half of your burden and since they are experts in this field, they can help you deal with the process more smoothly. The recruit agencies also come with their own benefits like: 

  • They develop and improve the way your resume looks and makes it more professional
  • A permanent recruiting agency paves to contact more successful employers
  • They help people improve their interview skills
  • A company’s terms and conditions will be explained by the recruitment team
  • Any process can be done quicker with the help of permanent recruitment agency
  • A permanent recruitment agency makes sure that all the possible opportunities are being used by the company
  • A permanent recruitment agency can help you figure out the filtered candidates with good skills
  • Hiring process can be done in a much easier way and can be done quicker.

Advantages of choosing permanent recruitment agency

Faster hiring 

Hiring permanent recruitment agency helps you in hiring employees faster. They have the experience of hiring since years so finding the best talent for them becomes very easy. However, you just only need to share your requirements and details of the job work and other company norms. And then you are done, recruitment agency will do their work. 


Recruitment agency is the middleman and hence communicate with both, employers and the job seekers. And find out the best candidate that fits in the position the best. Also, you get a chance of getting more options of candidates to choose from. They support the recruiters in documentation and many other works as well as the job seekers in guiding them and building there CV as per the company. 

Specialist hiring experience 

Well, recruitment agencies are experienced companies that hires and provides it to the companies. So, it makes easy as well as reduce their cost of hiring special person for hiring their staff. They can guide the employers what type of job market is there. Everyone is the experts of their own field, so they help you with a better insight towards the hiring. The have the better knowledge and experience of job market, hence providing better results. 


There is an endless and growing pool of talented job seekers all around the world. It is very difficult to hustle among the intense competition youth face regarding job opportunities. There are many vacant spaces for jobs in various fields. Yet, the opportunities and chances do not reach the people, and many are unaware of it. These permanent job recruiting agencies make sure the job opportunities are available to every eligible candidate and help them land their dream jobs in their dream city. It is up to you to find the best permanent recruiting agency and grab that dream job opportunity as soon as you can and make a fortune worth a lifetime.

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