Page flipping software is a powerful PDF to HTML5 flip book converter which enables you to convert PDF files to digital magazines, brochures, catalogs and so on. As the name says, it brings page flipping effects to digital publications. It is a great way to deliver a digital publication that looks and feels like a real one but without the cost associated with printing and postage.

Introduction of page flipping software

The software is a perfect tool to transform your PDFs, images, etc. into realistic page flipping books in minutes. With the help of the software, you can publish unlimited 3D books and upload them onto the web for everyone to read.

A high quality software solution provides you with pre-designed templates and powerful online cloud storage options. It helps you create flipbook from PDF files with ease. In order to make it cooler, you can add background music, YouTube videos or animations as well as rich media to your digital publication.

You can also embed the created flipbook into your website so that all visitors can read it online without having to download any software or plug-in. It also enables you to convert HTML files into flash flip magazines.

To protect your flipbook copyright, you can encrypt your book by adding a watermark image or text onto each page easily. 

What are the different things you can do with the software?

The software allows you to create high-quality, professional-looking flip books (or “blurbs”) of your product pages. It can also be used to create large posters of your product pages or sales letters that can be used as PDFs on your website or blog.

It is designed to take pages from a website and turn them into a slideshow. You can use the software to create professional-looking product photography, display your products on a website, or create videos of your product features.

How can you choose the right software?

Choosing the right page flipping software can be a daunting task. There are many options, and they vary widely in quality, features, and price. So how do you choose? What is important? What questions should you ask? 

Ease of use – The software should be easy to learn and operate so that you can avoid wasting too much time learning it. If it is hard to learn, you will hardly get any benefit from it. 

Branding and personalization – It should be loaded with pre-designed templates and themes that you can use. You can make the selection of templates and themes as per your brand recognition in the market. You can change the background color and add your company logo.

Favorites based on chapter/section – The software should give your readers the ability to highlight sections by chapter or section. Further, readers should bookmark pages of your publications.

Embed videos – It should allow you to add YouTube as well as local videos of your machine. Without a doubt, videos can grasp the attention of your readers like none.

Security – It should allow you to control the access and view-ability of your digital publication. Depending upon your choice, readers can engage with it.

Tracking – It should allow you to add tracking and analytics tools like Google Analytics. Not to mention, these tools provide you with complete user and marketing information regarding your content.

When it comes to pricing, it should be cost effective. It should not be very high and simultaneously it should be completely free. You should try to find a PDF page turning software that can provide the features you are looking for at the best price.

Closing points

It’s undeniable that the page flipping effect can be seen everywhere nowadays. It has been widely used in advertising, shopping malls, books, magazines and website design. Why is page flipping effect or page flipping software so popular? There are top 4 reasons as follows:

1. Page flipping effect is very eye-catching, which can increase readers’ interest and improve the website’s traffic dramatically.

2. People like to flip pages when they read a paper book, and the same operation on a PC will make them feel like reading a real book.

3. Page flipping effect can help create a good interactive e-book, which will bring your readers a wonderful reading experience, keep them staying longer and make them return more often.

4. There are many advantages of e-books such as being easy and quick to distribute; saving bookshelf space; being simple to search; protecting the environment and so on.

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