” Everyone should have an opportunity to learn in a positive environment, to enjoy the learning process, and feel comfortable and content within it.” – Barry Saide. 

A learning environment that allows effective imparting and receiving education, by ensuring interaction and collaboration among the students and teachers is known as a positive learning environment. It is a learning space that regulates the right learning ways  to ensure the growth and development of the students. 

Characteristic of a positive learning environment. 

  • Ensures effective communication among teachers and learners. 
  • Allow the practice of collaboration and cooperation. 
  • Promotes discipline and appropriate behaviour. 
  • helps in accomplishing educational goals and objectives. 
  • A safe place for the growth and development of teachers as well as learners. 
  • Helps in building strong interpersonal connections. 
  • Reduces stress and anxiety levels in students. 
  • motivate students to perform well in academics. 

Create a positive learning environment: tips for teachers 

1. Focus on building relationships

In order to create a positive learning environment, developing strong relationships and connections with all the students is important for teachers. A classroom where teachers only come to teach and leave after lecturing is not beneficial for effective education. Along with teaching, a sense of collaboration and interaction is important which can be achieved by making strong interpersonal connections with students.

 Especially for online teaching where face-to-face meetings are not possible, maintaining positive connections with students becomes more important. This will help them to teach online successfully. During lectures, try to communicate with all by asking them questions. Call them out by their names, always keep a smile on your face, and organise activities where you get a chance to know students better. 

2. Practice intrinsic motivation 

Often, we doubt ourselves a lot. Self-doubting, overthinking, not trusting our capabilities, and having negative thoughts about ourselves, affect the mindset as well as disturb the learning environment by making it negative. To ensure that students have a positive learning atmosphere, teach them the habit of intrinsic motivation. This refers to an inner and personal feeling of feeling good at being satisfied with oneself. All students should understand that instead of being their own enemy, become a best friend of yours. 

Our mind is linked with our actions. The way we think is the way we perform. Teachers should ensure that students are thinking positively and staying away from negative thoughts to create a positive learning atmosphere for themselves. LMS portals can help in this regard. By using such software,  to interact with all the students. Help them to trust their capabilities, guide them in overcoming the obstacles and motivate them to feel good to do good. 

3. Allow student to student interaction 

Students of the same age are better to help and support each other. This helps to develop a positive learning environment for the students. Yes, teacher-to-student communication plays an important role, but student-to-student interaction is much better. A learning space that allows students to collaborate, discuss and exchange their views and opinions is best suited for their growth and development. 

Together, students can solve a common problem, lift each other, share knowledge, listen to one another, become a part of healthy competition, and much more. To teach online, effectively teachers should focus on this. By conducting activities such as group discussions, asking questions, together with doubt solving, debates, and recitations, teachers can promote peer interactions. To conduct and manage these activities teachers can use LMS portals. Live classes and group chatting facilities can be used in this regard for online educators and learners. 

4. Meditation 

Meditation is a mindfulness activity which when performed by learners allows them to achieve inner peace and overcome all the negativities and stress levels. To construct a positive learning environment, having positivity of mind is very important. All teachers should focus that their students are indulged in the everyday practice of meditation. Starting the classrooms with five to ten minutes of mediation is a great idea. Teach students to keep their eyes closed, mind-focused, and not to move while doing meditation. With peace of mind and body, students find the learning environment also positive. 


The environment around us plays an important role in how we perform in our lives. For effective imparting and receiving education a positive environment is mandatory. By following the above-mentioned tips and techniques, teachers can develop a positive learning environment for the learners. Today online teaching is growing and since students learn here in isolation, these tips will help in creating a suitable learning environment for the learners. 

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