3/4 read Provides Dimension Character Manga

Manga characters area unit fun tutorial for drawing, and that they area unit is pretty straightforward once you break down their details. If you cannot draw a manga cartoon, you’ll wish to start by removing the manga’s face on the pinnacle. Introduce it to the options that outline noted Japanese characters, and this can be a valuable introduction to the current tutorial.

Once you are assured therein, you can attempt 3d drawing in an exceedingly fractional read. This can add another dimension to your character and, therefore, the next logical step in drawing a full-body cartoon unfold packed with action.

Drawing pointers for the pinnacle

Start consistent approach you probably did with the pinnacle facing forward, with a circle and a vertical line. At now, however, draw a incurvate line beginning on top of the vertical guideline, following the fanciful curve of the pinnacle towards 0.5 the purpose of the road, then continued straight to associate finish solely on the left aspect of the vertical guideline.

The new guideline primarily replaces a vertical and can assist you in placing the eyes of the nose and mouth. (You will draw it facing right, of course, except for the present, let’s add each direction.)

Draw a Face define

Draw pointers for eyes, nose, and mouth. The proportions area unit is constant for a facing head; however, you may draw them at an associate angle. They’ll be parallel or partial in perspective.

To draw on the way aspect of the face, begin by following the circle’s curve for the forehead up to the attention line. Then curve the road outward slightly to form the cheek, then inward and down to the chin purpose, with a nominal external curve.

Draw Ear and Chin

Imagine the highest of the pinnacle from the attention of a Veronica chamaedrys, with a line running, within the middle and down the aspect of the model (almost sort of a set of headphones). Sketch this line, and use it to put the bottom of the jaw and ears as shown.

Draw the ear as an easy loop between the attention line and, therefore, the nose guideline.

Draw the jaw and chin line as an easy, shallow curve beginning just under the ear and ending at the top of the chin. Take care to spherical off the chin.

Placing Eyes

In manga drawing, eye placement may be difficult, particularly in 3/4 read. Generally, I draw pointers for myself to point wherever students area unit going. The eyes area unit narrower within the fractional read, and therefore, the options move within the direction facing the character.

The inner corner of the outmost eye is sometimes hidden within the bridge of the nose. The nose itself comes out a bit a lot. Thus it’s wider than wanting face-on. It’s still drawn.

Adding Hairline

You can move and delete your rules currently and add a brand new one, the hairline. Remember that you cannot see the opposite pinnacle and thus don’t draw that part of the hair.

Draw the rear of the neck as if it were a continuation of the end of the pinnacle, as in, it curves nicely into it. The front of the channel ought to be just about straight from the chin. Be at liberty to feature neck details like muscles, and for men, and Adam’s apple.


To finish your manga head, pack up your drawing and add any finishing details.

For example, you’ll wish to feature a prick hole or indicate the plane of the cheekbones or temples. But, remember that the more lines and detail you place on the face, the older the character can look.

Once you have sketched the hairline, add the hair, obstruct the sections 1st, as within the face girl drawing easy tutorial.

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