Custom popsocket is a fantastic item to advertise your business enterprise or organization. Nearly everybody has a cellphone, signifying all those people can utilize a popsocket. When giving out popsockets to publicize, you will prefer to be strategic.

Get a few inspirational ideas below.

1. Trade Shows:

Have popsockets at your trade show stall! They are a small light item that can be well carried with you when you move. Rather than a paper leaflet or business card, a pop socket is a unique item that expected customers could utilize to approach your selective contact information.

2. Festivals:

A stigmatized add-on for smartphones is the complete item to publicize your business at fetes! When people go to fetes, they perpetually take pics and share their feelings on social media.

3. Career Carnivals:

At career carnivals, expected candidates are meeting with a lot of different companies searching for employment. As you find an individual who may be a good match, you wish them to call back your organization. Facilitate them to call back to contact you by presenting them a popsocket.

4. School Orientation:

What better way to boost new students to express school plumes than with stigmatized swag? Hand over students a popsocket with your school name or mascot on them to wear on their smartphones. popsockets are favorite accessories that students would enjoy getting at orientation.

5. Concerts:

Add custom popsockets to the merch table at concerts! Attenders will enjoy a small, cost-efficient item to present to their loved musician or band. Concert supporters can as well make use of this publicizing opportunity.

How To Create Custom Popsockets?

You are able to create your personal popsocket at home with just a couple of tokens from the craft store. Although this DIY version is not a reliable pop socket, it is all the same a convenient phone grip you are able to custom-make yourself. 


  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil
  • 2 sucking cups
  • Cardboard
  • Pair of scissors
  • Decorative paper, jewels, glitter, or paint 

Abide by these steps to make your phone grip:

    Step One: move out the metallic hook or other adherence from your sucking cups.

    Step Two: draw a sucking cup face-down on the cardboard.

    Step Three: cut off the band you traced.

    Step Four: Hot glue the artificial board to the sucking side of the sucking cup.

  Step Five: carry the 2nd suction cup and paste the backs conjointly, so the cups face outwards.

    Step Six: beautify the cardboard with paper, jewels, glitter, or paint.

    Step Seven: delight the ended up product.

Is Popspcket still Trendy?

Although in that respect, there are about as a lot of phone grip fashions out there as at that place, there are case dashes out there, PopSockets persist the most fashionable because they work good, last a long time, and with the more brand-new Swappable PopGrips style, they are both more comfortable with upgrading to a new dash and utilize with Qi wireless charging. 

Can PopSockets be moved out and repositioned?

Moving out a custom popsocket is more comfortable than moving out the gluey type. Because it goes with the phone case with attraction, it can be moved up and shifted or moved out entirely with just about no effort, whenever you wish to. 

Are all PopSockets the same?

All PopSockets act the exact same, and you utilize them for the same intentions. All the same, different sorts make this add-on unique! The unlike types of custom popsockets let in: PopSocket grip stand.

You can enjoy the custom popsockets made by yourself, or you can buy them easily from anywhere or even online as well.

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