Recalling a car with a value you expected can’t be easy to get. However, the rapid increase in the Indian used car market in recent times has affected the sale of new ones. According to the Mordor Intelligence report, the Indian used car market will be valued at about $32.14 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $74.70 billion in 2027. It’s almost 15.1% in the forecast period between 2022-2027.

The biggest fuss is to get the right price for your automobile from the buyer, especially if it is in good condition. Generally, people explore regular ways to find the genuine customers for their vehicles, but online selling is also possible now. Haven’t you tried yet? Why? Also, now you have the option to get the idea about fair market price of any used vehicle with valuation tools.

Let’s check Different Ways To Get the Best Deal For Selling Used Car:

Obviously, it’s extremely important to get the best value for the used automobile. Here are some easy-peasy tips you can do effortlessly to have good money while selling your vehicle.

1. Know Your Car Value: Knowing the right market value is important before you reach to any buyer or dealer for your vehicle. It is always good to know the worth of your car before selling and getting on fair value. You can get used car price at OBV a best valuation tool that gives good idea about fair market price. This is a smart online portal or tool to help you with the right estimate of your used automobile.

2. Online Selling is Useful: If you are not okay with the commission process, then obviously, online selling of vehicles is best. It gives a direct selling mode and gets connected with the buyer. You just need to advertise on vehicle buying and selling web portals offering genuine service. You can sell your vehicle offline mode, including your known links, friends, relatives, and colleagues.

3. Odometer Reading Give Value: Buyers generally don’t prefer cars with one lakh or plus kilometre run on the odometer. If you are looking for a good vehicle’s resale value, don’t let it cross, then this number of kilometres in odometer reading. Moreover, five years long durations are fair enough to have your car’s right and expected resale price.

4. Get the Best Deal With Best Color: The vehicle color also ensures its popularity while recalling. In India, white and black color automobiles are much preferred over other colors, which account for more than of 5-% sales. So, if you have a white or black shade car then bright colours, more buyers will reach you. You can even get several customers with colours like Silver, Grey, and Blue.

5. Maintained Vehicle Gives First Impression: Advertising your car in poor condition is merely a waste of time and effort. You should keep your vehicle well maintained with regular authorized services. Before selling, get it good service, with polishing, denting repair, features, engine fixed and more.

6. Ready With Documentation: Of course, you can’t sell your second hand car without documents, so prepare them prior. Be sure with everything in documents such as Registration Certificate (RC), Insurance Policy (if any), Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC), Original Bill/Invoice, etc. It should also include service history, vehicle manual, and other necessary records.

7. Miscellaneous Things To Handover: Car valuation increases if you, as owner, are responsible to hand over things like a duplicate car key, tool kit, first-aid kit, inflated spare wheel, etc. Check for fluids too and clean the vehicle properly.

The Final Verdict:

Do you really feel all mentioned points in the above sections are fulfilled with your car selling? Then we must say that you will get good and estimated money for your second-hand car. What? While selling your car do not forget to check second hand car valuation. You can use online valuation websites or app such as OBV app to find the estimated market price. The tips in the blog will help you with the right expected value on the side and save a lot of time searching for the right buyer. Moreover, it will increase the resale value of the car up to 5-10%, which is profitable, of course.

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