Zantac is an over-the-counter medication mainly used for treating heartburn and other issues caused by too much acid in the stomach. If you have taken Zantac regularly, you could have a Zantac legal claim.

A recent study by US Food and Drug Administration confirmed that Zantac caused cancer if taken for a prolonged time. If you suffer from an illness, injury, or damages after taking Zantac, in that case, you should know your legal rights and claim compensation.

Confirmation of using Zantac.

Proving that you used Zantac medication is the first step in determining an injury claim. Even if you took this drug years ago, you still must present the proof. If Zantac was prescribed before, it could be traced through pharmacy receipts, remarks in your medical records, statements from the doctor.

Proof of taking Zantac regularly for a substantial period.

The next step is to prove how often you were taking Zantac. The requirement in injury-related medication changes as further studies are conducted, and the science advances. Till then, you will have to establish valid proof of taking Zantac for at least 60 days to claim proper compensation.

Confirm that you suffered an injury or illness from taking Zantac.

You will have to show that you suffered an illness while taking Zantac to claim a factual injury. For example, it might become difficult for a long-time smoker to link lung cancer to Zantac use. A viable claim can be received after confirming a diagnosis of digestive tract cancer such as liver, pancreatic, stomach, or intestinal cancer.

Consider the latency period.

Cancer does not appear instantly after being exposed to the carcinogen. So, you will have to show that at least one year has passed between the first time you took Zantac and the time you developed cancer. Also, note that even short-term exposure to Zantac can cause liver damage. In that case, a latency period will not be required for liver-related injury. 

Contact or hire an attorney.

After following the steps mentioned above, if you determine that Zantac is linked to cancer or any other injury, contacting an attorney will be the best possible solution.

As we know now, taking Zantac to treat stomach problems can cause more harmful effects such as cancer. Therefore, if you are taking Zantac regularly, keep the information mentioned above in mind and check for legal options to see if you qualify for claiming compensation against the manufacturer of Zantac.

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