Well, there is no such time to redo your home décor. Emergencies and needs can walk into your life at any time. But, if you detect the signs of damage at the right time, you can tackle the issues with ease. Your flooring is a critical aspect of your home. It can either break or make the value of your home décor. That is why you need to be aware of its existing condition.

According to home experts, the days before fall signify the best time to renovate your home flooring. But the question is how you know when to redo the floors. Furthermore, these things require planning and resources beforehand. So, read this post before making a hasty call. First, understand if you need new flooring.

When to update your flooring?

Following are the signs or reasons why you need to refresh your home flooring:

If repairing is not an option:

When you observe severe damages to your flooring, it is time to update it. Well, keep in mind that minor damages like dents are not an issue. You can replace or refinish these damaged sections any time you want. Moreover, there is no need to reinstall the floors every time it happens. But, changing the floors when repairing is not an option.

In case of health issues:

If you think your carpet can hide all the visible flaws, you might be right. But, old carpets give birth to mold, insects, and other allergies. So, stop hiding the damages under the rug and change the floor material. In addition, it is time to redo the floors when you discover broken travertine tile floor, swollen planks, and asbestos. 

To update the home outlook:

Indeed, you do not need only serious issues to renovate your flooring. You can change it when you feel like updating your home outlook. Moreover, new flooring can transform the aura of your home in no time. 

To add resale value:

It is wise to update your house before selling it. So, if you intend to sell your home, upgrade its old flooring. Italian Calcatta marble, for instance, can be a fantastic choice to enhance the resale value of your home. 

When you are moving to a new house:

In the same way, you can redo the old floors of your new house. If you think the floor is not up to the mark, update them before moving in. In addition, change the carpets and rugs as well. 

How to update your flooring?

Now that you have decided to renovate the floors, let’s get started:

Change the flooring material:

Sometimes, you love the way your floor looks. But, it’s time to say goodbye to the old tiles to change the entire aura of your home. If you can only refinish the hardwood floors, that is fine. Also, you can upgrade your flooring material from hardwood to tiles and vice versa.  

Refinish your hardwood floors:

The floor finishing is a matter of personal likes and dislikes. Some people prefer a matte and sturdy finish, while others go for a glossy outlook. In this case, you can go from rustic to darker tone on hardwood floors. So, the best way to redo your flooring is to refinish your hardwood floors rather than replace them. But, this does not apply to the best floor tile store online.

Upgrade the most traffic areas:

Another apt way to update your floors is to redo only the most traffic areas of your home. In general, only some parts of your home need renovation. In the same way, you do not have to redo the entire home flooring. So, upgrade your hallways, living area, or stairs if required. Keep in mind that a smaller floor section is easy to tackle than the complete floor. 

Add area rugs:

Sometimes, all you need is to replace your carpet and area rugs. It can be their foul order, worn-out fabric, or faded colors that reflect poorly on them. That is why get new area rugs for your home. In addition, protect your travertine tile floor with top-quality area rugs.

By adding home accents:

If styling is your main concern, skip the idea of changing the floor material. Go for a few attractive home accents instead. Furthermore, a fireplace, a backsplash, or a home-featured stone can transform the look in no time. Pick the home accents that suit your lifestyle.


If you have been thinking about updating your flooring, now may be the time. Your floors can show signs of wear and tear as a result of aging and furniture damage. There are a few solutions to update your flooring material when it starts showing wear or causing health issues. You could refinish the existing surface or replace the entire flooring. Or use area rugs to hide minor imperfections. 

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