We all know the importance of getting traffic through backlinks. This is one of the most popular methods of generating organic traffic in which we publish blogs and articles in reputed websites. In those articles, the key words defining our business activities are strategically placed. This is what brings organic traffic to our own website.

Backlinks are Crucial for Traffic

Backlinks are one of the most effective methods of bringing organic traffic to your website. However, we use only such websites for the purpose of backlinks that have a very high domain authority and rating because such sites attract a large number of visitors on their own. The purpose of back links is to divert a portion of that traffic to our own website.

However, the process is not so easy because these websites have their own terms and conditions for publishing guest articles. While some websites do it free of cost, others charge a certain fee for that. The amount of fee is directly proportional to their domain authority. Therefore, the better the rating, the more the charges. There are websites that have traffic in millions, and charge princely amounts for providing back links.

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You are trying to generate organic traffic to your website because that is crucial for you and backlinks are your go to strategy. But most of the websites that you are targeting are well beyond your budget. They are asking for money that either you can’t afford or don’t wish to spend because it’s a new venture, and every penny saved is an extra penny earned. So what do you do?

How do you Generate Backlinks Dirt Cheap?

Now, why spend a fortune on getting backlinks when you can get it almost free or dirt cheap – 375 Backlinks with just less than 30 dollars? Is there a better way, that is also ethical, and isn’t breaking Google’s guidelines either? And that too in a way that your users would just love and want to link to you naturally, and you won’t even require spending hundreds of hours just to get a handful of backlinks?

Well, there it is. In this article, I’m going to break down how to generate 375 backlinks with just under 30 dollars. Don’t worry, I am not telling you to buy links, or asking for money in exchange for links. Moreover, this isn’t a promotional article to sell our services. The purpose is to help you. So, what I am actually talking about is that I have a really creative approach to generate links too without breaking Google’s guidelines.

You just need to visit the website of a leading digital marketer, and go to their home page. Most of them have a tool section. If you reach the tool section, you can find an A/B Testing calculator. People love calculators. This is what you need. You can use calculators for anything – even for calculating your conversion rate. While doing conversion optimization, you usually have two different variations of your website.

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Now, which one converts better? For example, if you had 1,000 visitors to variation one and a 1,000 visitors to variation two and if variation one had 90 conversions while variation two had 120 conversions, the calculator will tell you, “Hey, test B converts 34% more than test A, go for it ” It’s not important how many people are linking to you.

What you would ideally want is more unique domains that should be linking to you. So how do you manage one of these tools? It’s simple – Who needs a developer when it can be done without one. I will just tell you about a magic website. The name is codecanyon.net, alternatively you can go directly, and ask anything you like. To tell you it doesn’t need to be a calculator, but let’s go after calculators.

Very soon you’ll find more people linking to it because it’s a tool and we all love linking to tools. I don’t think you will find a simpler and better strategy than this to leverage and generate more backlinks. In fact, you can also check Uber Suggest, which is a free backlink, and also a keyword research SEO tool.

The Key is Calculator Tool

I’m not telling you to buy links, because I don’t want you to pay someone who is promising links for money. You’re spending money anyway on content, and if you can save money for generating backlinks, you must. You’re also spending a lot of time on development to create products, and on whatever you’re spending money on, whether it’s to create content or to build tools, it has a much better ROI than going out to people and saying, “Hey, give me a link.”

You are literally begging for it because when you create value, people will naturally be too willing to link to you compared to when you’re just begging for it. So, what I would suggest to you is go and create calculator tools, and if you can’t create one, buy them from places like CodeCanyon. It doesn’t cost a fortune. Go ahead and pop them on your website. If you buy it, make sure to plug it into your website. It easily fits within WordPress as they have a lot of options for WordPress.

And as you get more of these, you’ll keep getting more natural backlinks over time, provided the tools are really good and people find value in them. It doesn’t matter whether you use CodeCanyon or any other site to get the tools or you build it yourself.

Just think of what you can give to your audience that they will love, maybe something that will provide a ton of value, and they’ll naturally want to link to your website instead of you going out there and asking and bidding for buying links. So that’s all. If you need further help for building backlinks, finding more creative and organic ways that isn’t either breaking Google’s guidelines, check out the Connect app website?

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