“ATTYT” is taking around on the internet these days. Some say “AT&T” is misspelled as ATTYT. Abbreviation can have more than one meaning depending on the context it is used in. so is the case with this abbreviation. Although here it is related to “AT&T”, all of its 3 meanings are.

  • American Telephone and Telegraph Co. “AT&T”.
  • Lawyer
  • “A Thousand Thank Yous”

Introduction and History of ATTYT

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The American Telephone and Telegraph Company is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States and a world leader in information technology. Its core businesses include

  • long-distance telephone service. To achieve its goals maintain a large telephone network.
  • integrated communication and IT solution
  • telephone network switching
  • transmission equipment
  • client equipment.

Its subsidiaries include AT&T Bell Laboratories, widely regarded as the leading industrial research laboratory. Until its divestiture on January 1, 1984,  AT&T was the parent company of Bell System, the regulated company that was the only bulk provider of most telecommunications in the United States.

Incorporated on March 3, 1885, in New York City, AT&T became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Bell Telephone Company. Its sole purpose was to manage and expand the quickly developing long-distance business of American Bell and its licensees. Until December 30, 1899, AT&T played as a “long-distance company” and then during a corporate reorganization, it took over the business and ownership of American Bell. From subsidiary, it became the parent company of the Bell system. But this break-up occurred in 1984. By 1900 AT&T worked to build such a  vertical structure that would characterize it for decades to come. It was the world’s largest corporation for much of the 20th century.

AT&T provided the United States with the world’s largest, most advanced and most efficient telecommunications network. The company was responsible for most of the major technological advances in telephony, switching systems, and signal transmission during the 20th century. AT&T successfully constructed transoceanic wireless telephone lines, Telstar satellite communications system and telephone cable systems. For the US Department of Defense, it built an early warning Radar system. and built the

Global presence

Today AT&T is a renowned name in the mobile network market of the United States. Being one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies, it constantly innovates to stay on top of its game. This enabled it to serve more than 3.5 million businesses around the globe. In the united states, it is the largest pay-TV provider.

Services offered

Technology is changing at a fast pace. Business needs to reshape in order to survive the competitive battle. This is where ATTYT comes to their aid. It enables businesses to transform the way they do business around the world. It provides services and solutions to multinational companies doing business or operating globally. AT&T’s global network allows it to serve customers locally to world standards for quality, reliability and safety. Following are the services provided.

  • networking consulting
  • design and implementation
  • unified communications
  • managed VPN
  • global managed mobility
  • managed security services
  • colocation services

Invested in communities

TELECOMS SAND FRONTIERS: with the aim to be on the scene of a disaster — anywhere in the world — within 24 hours TSC is the leading emergency telecommunication organization. Its international bases are in Bangkok and Nicaragua and it is headquartered in Europe. It provides victims, other relief organizations and responders with the ability to communicate. It has lent its helping hands in many emergencies. ATTYT and the AT&T Foundation contributed $1.2 million to TSF since 2003 and have been actively participating.

JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT:  Students are the future and they require the right opportunity and tools to showcase their talent.  AT&T creates many learning opportunities for students through its community initiatives. It works with Junior Achievement in Europe to assist in mentor recruitment, student work-experience placements, program quality, etc. Students working with AT&T employees get the opportunity to be a part of programs that enhance their entrepreneurial skills and also inculcate many skills needed to be successful.

THE PRINCE OF WALES FOUNDATION & THE PRINCE’S TRUST: it’s an organization that helps young people to bring their life back on track. ATTYT has been a part of this organization for more than 10 years. Since 2005, it has contributed more than $575,000 that has brought back the happiness of more than 200 people.

AT&T Connected Learning

Digital learning has become a new normal in today’s world. Millions of youngsters are not able to participate in virtual studying due to the fact they don`t have a web connection or device. AT&T Connected Learning is an initiative to invest in virtual inclusion, literacy to assist today`s students with skills, resources, and possibilities for success – inside and out of the classroom. It`s a part of the $2 billion dedication to bridging the virtual divide thru low-fee broadband providers and network funding. It is actively working with legislatures and policymakers to make broadband availabilty more affordable and accessible. Being a part since 2008 has helped millions of students to achieve their goals.

Last words

Being a part of the industry for more than 140 years,AT&T continues to reshape the people living and working. It all started with the invention of Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone and since then innovated many others including transistors, the vital component of today’s digital world to solar cells, machine learning, etc. It aims to provide one million K12 students with the skills they need to succeed by 2025. Additionally, also committed to providing tools and resources to enable one million people to interact safely and positively on any screen by 2030. It is truly a pioneer of innovation and continues to do so even today.

Now when next time you come across ATTYT, who would not be perplexed with its meaning. You know that there are numerous meanings of a single abbreviation based on the context used.

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