The legal world is invariably complex and nuanced, but if you are planning on immigrating to the United States – whether it be for your career, business, or personal life – the process will only be more so. One of the most important steps in successfully completing this process is finding an experienced immigration attorney in Dallas who can best serve your needs. To help with the search for this professional, here are five questions worth asking during your initial consultation.

  1. What are your qualifications?

If you are considering hiring an immigration attorney in Dallas, the first thing you should do is make sure that they have sufficient knowledge of the law. There are many highly qualified attorneys across Texas, but it is up to you to find out if they have the experience needed for your case. Qualifications and experience can be significant factors in determining the success of your immigration case. That’s why it’s so important to choose your attorney carefully. 

  1. How much will your service cost?

Dallas is a huge city with many different immigration attorneys to choose from. Therefore, if you are looking for an immigration lawyer in Dallas, there are many attorneys available that can represent you in court or help you with your family visa application. Each immigration attorney might have a different fee structure, so it makes sense to be aware of this before making your final decision. It is important to research the cost of an attorney before agreeing to work with them. 

  1. Are you licensed to practice in my state?

Not only should you ask an immigration lawyer in Dallas about their license, but you should make sure they are licensed. There are different levels of licenses, and some types of lawyers won’t be able to represent you in court. The type of license that a lawyer carries is important because it will tell you what kinds of services the lawyer can provide for their clients.

  1. How can I contact you during an emergency?

Immigration law can be very complicated and intimidating. Many people who are living in the United States legally need an attorney to help them through the process. It’s important to find a reliable and experienced immigration attorney. But before you go ahead and hire one, it’s worth considering how to contact them during an emergency. While some attorneys will always have their cell phones on their person 24 hours a day, this is not always the case.

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