There is nothing more important than our health. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all started to look at our lives and well-being very differently. We understand the fragility of life and that we should take care of ourselves and stay safe. Many diseases are silent, don’t have visible symptoms, and require blood work and tests to be diagnosed. The last thing anyone wants to hear are the words “late stages” or “there is nothing that we can do”. For this reason, it’s best to get annual physical checkups.

You may think that you are young and healthy and don’t need examinations or checkups. However, diseases generally have no regard for age, and being active or looking healthy doesn’t automatically mean that you are in good health. Additionally, physical exams won’t only determine if you have a chronic or serious disease. They will also provide you with vital information on whether you are consuming sufficient nutrients or drinking enough water so you can make the necessary lifestyle changes. These checkups won’t only save your life but will also help you live a healthy one as well.

Prevent Serious Diseases

There is no better reason to get an annual physical exam than to make sure that everything is fine. When you have these tests done, a medical professional will perform routine lab work which includes blood tests that check on various things like your cholesterol and blood glucose level. This will give your doctor the chance to see if there are any irregularities or signs of any serious health issues, so you can be on top of things. 

Early detection can save your life. Additionally, there are various routine tests for both genders at certain stages of their lives. For instance, women of all ages need to have their breasts examined regularly, while women in their 50s require regular mammograms. In their 60s they should get tested for osteoporosis which is a disease that weakens the bones as a result of low calcium intake.

Men in their 50s should have their prostate examined during annual physical exams. It is impossible for anyone to keep track of all these tests. However, your doctor will determine what tests you need based on your age and gender when you go for annual examinations. Simply put, these tests can prevent a disaster before it happens.

  1. Establish a Relationship with Your Doctor

Many people dread visiting the doctor, whether it is out of fear or anxiety. If this is you, don’t fret: you aren’t alone. In fact, it is more common than you think. However, it isn’t good for your health or well-being to live in fear. What will help ease your anxiety in the words of the doctors at is finding a physician that makes their patients the center of their medical practice and shows compassion to them and their needs. A doctor that makes you feel heard and understood on your first visit will motivate you to visit them again and get regular exams. The more you visit your doctor, the more you will get to know each other and build a relationship. 

You need to trust your doctor to connect with them and become confident enough to open up about your fears or any health concerns you may have. Getting regular checkups and examinations will allow you to establish this relationship and get over your fear and anxiety.

  1. Reduce Medical Costs

One of the reasons people are reluctant to get annual exams is the cost. However, annual testing and checkups will ultimately save you money. Even if your medical insurance doesn’t cover them, you should get tested anyway. If your physician detects any diseases early on and even before you start showing any symptoms, it won’t only save your life but the treatment will also cost much less. Preventing a disease from progressing is a lot less expensive than curative treatment tends to be. So, next time you are hesitant about getting tested for financial reasons, think about the money you will be saving on expensive treatment if you wait.

Other reasons to get annual physical exams include updating your medical records so your doctor is aware of any changes in your health, asking questions about your current medications, and updating your vaccinations.

When you get regular examinations and checkups, you are actually investing in your health. You are doing your best to ensure that you are going to live a long and healthy life. Don’t think twice about visiting your doctor and getting tested, since you need to be able to prevent any health issues before they become serious. Schedule an appointment now and invest in yourself and your wellbeing. Make your health a priority. 

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