There’s no denying that running is a great cardio exercise. It helps to build strong bones and is also great for weight loss. As well as lowers cholesterol labels and blood sugar levels. Running can improve our physical and mental health. It helps to reduce stress. The problem lies in having to run the same track over and over again. After some point, it becomes boring – and you know why that’s a huge red flag? It makes you lose motivation. 

However, outdoor running should be anything but boring. You have a number of ways to spice up your running routine to leave you gasping for more (pun is definitely intended). Here’s what you can do.

Pick Your Trail 

Aside from getting bored of running the same road, running on hard surfaces can be uncomfortable. Instead, try to find a running trail that not only saves your feet but also adds a bit of variety. Many running tracks have physical challenges and beautiful scenery to spice up your run. 

Turn on the Tunes

You know, you can spice up your routine even if you keep running the same old track. You only need to change your music tracks to something that gets your blood pumping long before you take the first step. Turn on the tunes baby, it’s time to get in the mood! You can run longer with music. The study says runners performed better with the beat of the music. Because when you listen to your favorite tone it can motivate you. It can help you to concentrate on your own body. But remember loud music can be harmful to your inner ear. 

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Choose the Right Running Gear

Whether you choose to run on a hard surface, a track, hike, or even walk on a treadmill – there’s no way around getting comfortable and safe running gear. Good wicking material can help to pull the sweat away from your body and dry faster than cotton. Three to five pairs are enough.  The advice found on Bog Dog running gear guide can’t stress enough the importance of choosing the most suitable gear for you. At the very least, your socks and shoes should be chosen with the surface you’re running on in mind. 

Variate Your Running Speed

You know, one of the best ways to make the most of your cardio workout is to vary your training intensity. Going at the same speed or repeating the same movements mindlessly may be challenging at first, but your body will quickly get accustomed to it. When that happens, you stop making progress and also get bored.

To avoid that, add a few running sprints into your job or run in intervals. You can easily incorporate HIIT sprints in your run. Simply run at maximum speed (high-intensity interval) for 1 minute, then jog (low-intensity interval) for 30 seconds, and repeat the same for 2 to 3 cycles. You can change the period, just keep it at a ratio of 2:1.

Run with Friends

Alternatively, you can share your love of running with your family or friends. This is a great way to motivate each other to stay on your fitness goals while at the same time having some fun during the exercise session. Running with someone or with a group gives you more energy to keep moving. Kilometers can quickly fly when you get a company. 

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Join a Running Event

If you don’t know anyone active enough to join your runs, you can join a running community instead. Your guide will explain how much you need to run every day. Those amazingly active and motivated people will light a spark in you that will never fade. What’s even better, many of those running events support meaningful causes, which helps in raising public awareness and sometimes even donations. 

Change up Running Routine

If you want to get the best results in your workout. You should change up your workout routine. You should change your workout every three to four weeks. Change the regular pattern it helps.  

Get a Running app

Running apps is a very helpful app. It can help you to set your goals, record metrics, and also track your progress. Running apps can track your progress and performance. Like mileage, heart rate, and calories. Right using can make your runs more fun. One of the best parts is it provides beautiful music and valuable coaching as well.  
There can be a billion ways to make your outdoor run more enjoyable and something you really look forward to. Try to make your workouts a bit longer and faster every year. Though we only mentioned a few tips here, your imagination is the limit. You can change things as per your convenience and schedule. At the end of the day, just make sure to do whatever you need to do to stick to your fitness goals and have fun at the same time. You got this, champ!

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