1. Make your product listings stand out

Listings are what customers will see first, so it’s important to make them as eye-catching as possible. For this reason you should never stop trying to improve the visual appeal of your listing photos, but there are other things you can do too to really have an impact on visitors. That’s why we use Premium WordPress Themes.

2. Try to give a complete picture of your product

Your images should be as clear and well lit as possible. It’s also important that they have enough context – if you’re selling jackets, show different views of the product from both the front and back, make sure to include a model shot so customers can see how it fits, and try to find a creative way to show the size of it – a ruler outstretched or a person holding it can help.

3. Use good quality product descriptions

On the listing page, the title and images are what will grab people’s attention, but once they’re on your site you need to make sure you make them want to purchase by giving them all of the information they need. Use the description to highlight the benefits of your product over similar ones on the market and include all relevant information, such as sizing instructions and delivery Terms and Conditions.

4. Let customers know what makes you different

Give them a reason to choose your business over others, whether it’s free next day delivery, a reward scheme, a customer loyalty program, great after sale care or just the fact that you’re trusted and established. You can put this information in your product descriptions too – if you offer free delivery, then say so prominently enough to ensure it’s top of mind.

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5. Make it really easy for customers to buy from you

The more steps there are between your customer finding a product they want and purchasing it, the more likely they are to leave. Make things as easy as possible for them by offering a quick view on listings so you can present products at their best without having to open the listing page every time, making multi-item checkout available right from search results, displaying multiple quantities of items in stock in your listings, and offering easy to find delivery options.

6. Encourage customers to add more to their basket

Make it easy for people to shop with you by including multiple products in one listing when possible, giving them the option of buying both items together when they’re sold separately. Group items into bundles or offer discounts on purchasing certain quantities. You can use your listing adverts to highlight what’s available in quantity, by including the ‘+’ sign next to certain items.

7. Provide product FAQs

There are lots of questions that people will have about the products you’re selling that they’ll be too shy or embarrassed to ask you directly – for this reason it’s helpful to set up some frequently asked questions to answer these before they arise. FAQs can also give detailed information about the product, what it’s made of and how to take best care of it.

8. Tell stories about your products

Telling unique stories behind each item you sell makes them more interesting and gives people a reason to choose your business over others selling similar products. You can take inspiration from the brand manufacturers to give an idea of where they were designed or made, what materials are used in them and how they came about.

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9. Optimise your listings for search engines

Getting found online is important for your business, so you should make sure your listing titles, descriptions and images are well optimised for search engines and include relevant keywords. You can also use structured data to help Google understand the information on your listing and give customers more information through rich snippets, such as star ratings and prices.

10. Add product videos

Video gives people a way to see what you’re selling before they go online – it’s great because they can actually see how it works and what it’s like before they buy. You can add video to your listings by uploading a video as you’d upload an image (however, keep your videos as short as possible). That’s why we should use WordPress Themes.

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