Technology is ubiquitous, and its impact is rapidly growing. Gone are the days when you all were solely dependent on human labour, but now you are all adapting to technology. This has influenced your life to the extent that you do not realise that you have become a part of it. 

Alexa and Amazon Echo are both the epitome of how great you all have become dependent on technology. Now you can get to know about the weather without taping your mobile phone. You just have to ask Amazon Alexa about the weather, and you will get the answer right away. 

You do not need to go off your couch to open and lock the door because such assistants are always on the go. You do not need to give your spare keys to your neighbour if someone has to go into your house. Well, technology is not just limited to it. It has a great impact on industries as well. The restaurant industry is no exception. This blog discusses how technology is disrupting the restaurant industry.

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Online ordering

Technology has made it convenient for restaurants to take orders. It has not become possible with websites but with the help of apps. Now almost everyone has a smartphone, and they can download apps in it and place the order. 

Food delivery companies like Zomato have increased the business for those who have not been able to launch an app. Now people can order food at any time without going to the restaurant. This has spiked the business of restaurants. 

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Not only are they catering to the needs of people who are dining in, but they are also serving to those who want to enjoy a meal at the comfort of their home, who could have to wait in a long queue if they decided to dine in. 

Virtual restaurant

The recent technological development that the restaurant industry has witnessed is the virtual restaurant. Though it has not become very common, it is expected that the number of digital restaurants will go up. 

The investment in virtual restaurants is very expensive, and hence a couple of people made an initiative to open it. It is a fully-fledged restaurant but does not require any physical space. You can make orders, and the restaurant can take orders. 

They will collaborate with delivery partners who will be responsible for making your food delivered to your doorstep. These restaurants rent or buy commercial kitchens. They do not have to invest in open spaces because they directly deliver the parcel to you. 

However, most of the people are quite hesitant to invest in this innovation because they do not have enough money. Some are funding it with loans online in Ireland but only when they have to fill a little gap.

Self-ordering kiosks

Self-ordering kiosks are also a great innovation. Some companies have come up with kiosks that you can use to order food. You do not have to dine in. All you have is just to choose the option. The best thing is that you can customise your order and get your food instantly ready without waiting in the long queue. 

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McDonald’s kiosks are the best example to understand this technology. This innovation has taken one step up. Some companies have installed kiosks that can identify your facial expressions to know what you want. You do not need to choose anything from the menu. 

The machine will recognise your facial expressions to know what you are expecting from them. This sort of artificial intelligence has made this innovation stupendous. 

Custom software solutions

It can be quite challenging for some restaurants to invest in their own software solutions. This deal is quite expensive, and it may not be possible to borrow a large amount of money to invest in software solutions. 

However, it does not mean that restaurants are not making progress and not investing in technology. A report has revealed that more than 70% of restaurants have invested in customer service-based technology. About 60% have planned to invest money in point of sale systems, and 40% are investing in customer-facing technology.  

By investing in customised software solutions, restaurants can manage employee shifts, track their productive hours, and optimise payroll. These software solutions can also help in data analytics. 

You can analyse the peak hour of operations, the location from where maximum orders are placed, the season when the standard number of orders is crossed, waste inventory, and the like. These software solutions can reduce the inefficiencies of restaurants. 

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The bottom line

Technology has a great impact on all of our lives. It is gradually stepping into every part of it. Technology has impacted the restaurant industry and transformed it in a better way. 

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Whether it is about the way restaurants take orders from you or it is the way they manage the payroll, everything is being automated. 

The reliance on software solutions has increased a lot, and it has made it convenient for them to manage everything from customers to payroll. Technology is everywhere, and its innovation will never end. Restaurant transformation will never end, and it will keep improving.

If you are running a restaurant, you should learn to adapt to these technological improvements. If you do not have enough money to invest in the latest technology, you can fund it with loans. 

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