A customer review system is definitely one of the most powerful features of any ecommerce site. This single feature differentiates the whole online shopping experience from that of brick-and mortar stores more than anything else. The more useful a service is, the more satisfied your customers are likely to be. With a good customer review system, your shoppers can easily tell you exactly how their experience was when they purchased your products. There is no better indicator of how effective a particular service or product is than the actual results you get from customers.

A good customer review systems will allow your readers to rate your service in different categories. In order to get more detailed information from your customers, you should make it easy for them. For example, if you offer an online calculator, don’t bury it in a long sentence. It should be placed at the end of a sentence and make sense of it immediately. A sentence that has only one meaning can’t be concisely explained by a single equation.

Another important factor is credibility: don’t give away your entire shopping experience just because you have a customer review system in place. In other words, don’t tell your customers everything about your product name, price, shipping details, etc. Instead, provide them with enough information so that they can form their own opinion on your business and trust your brand.

For example, you may want to evaluate your product pages in order to determine whether you need to revamp them or not. You could also evaluate them based on the number of product reviews (positive reviews are in blue; negative reviews are in red) and the number of shoppers who left their feedback. By combining both the positive and negative aspects of your shopping experience, you can come up with a comprehensive customer review system that allows you to tailor your approach accordingly.

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To help with this evaluation, you must get a handle on the behavior of your shoppers. What kind of questions do they ask when they browse your ecommerce site? Based on Amazon’s “Kindle Review” study, some shoppers simply read through product pages and leave the page before moving on. Other shoppers are more perceptive and spend time browsing through the product pages and then making a decision. To get a better understanding of which of these two types of buyers visit your site most frequently, you must implement Amazon’s Kindle Recommendation System.

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The Kindle Recommendation System taps into the psychological power of word-of-mouth marketing. Simply put, Amazon’s Recommendation System uses positive word-of-mouth interactions with customers to drive more traffic to your site. Since most people with Internet access use their personal computers for browsing the web, it is not hard to imagine how this kind of interaction could lead to increased sales for you. By using Amazon’s personalized review system, you can give customers an incentive to buy your products by leaving comments about your products on the product reviews page. This interaction may be as simple as a single vote for or against a product on the page or as complex as users adding a -1 vote to remove that product from consideration. If the number of customers that leave a positive review is high, chances are that many other potential customers will follow that path and add their vote to that product.

Using Amazon’s Kindle Recommendation System also allows you to include written reviews on your website, Facebook page or anywhere else on the internet. With written reviews, you can offer consumers the chance to rate your products and leave comments about the experience. In doing so, you can provide a means for your customers to communicate with you. By offering a star rating, for example, you can encourage individuals to post positive reviews about your product on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook users already use Facebook to connect with friends, so providing a space for them to connect with you through written reviews may bring you new customers.

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When businesses embrace customer feedback engine, they see an immediate increase in sales. This increased sales leads to more satisfied employees who feel connected to the company. Happy employees are likely to build trust and convince other customers to do business with you. Additionally, having satisfied customers can easily translate into higher profits as customers feel more confident about doing business with you. In short, implementing a customer feedback system can help you foster open communication and build trust with your customers.

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