The most vital task of a gas furnace is to provide appropriate heating to the property during the winter months. But many issues develop, including heat distribution is not proper and warm air is not coming from the air vents and ducts. This happens when the gas furnace is neglected and remains dirty. Hiring companies providing heating and air conditioning repair, cleaning, and maintenance is the best solution.

Steps of Clean a Gas Furnace by Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Companies

Many people might suggest cleaning and maintaining the gas furnace yourself as it will save money. But if you are not aware of which tools and techniques to use, then you might end up spending double or triple the amount of money more than you estimated. So it is the best choice to hire a professional crew who will adequately clean the furnace following the below-mentioned steps.

Properly Turning Off Gas Furnace

Two things have to be turned off before starting the cleaning process. Firstly, the power supply is completely turned off the switch on the breaker box. Then the gas supply has to be turned off to avoid accidents. It is also vital to close the valve that supplies gas to the furnace. Read the most important things you’ll need to know before you buy a furnace is what size you need for your space here:

Cleaning Exterior and Interior Walls

If you have been hiring HVAC companies for regular maintenance, they will not have any problems cleaning the interior and exterior walls of the gas furnace. But if your furnace has not been in quite some time, then it might take a while to clean with a damp cloth several times.

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Igniter and Blower are Cleaned

The igniter is one of the most crucial parts of the furnace because it kindles the flame that turns on the burning. The cleaning team uses a straw to blow air into the igniting tube to clear any debris. The blower is located in the control panel, so it is essential to be careful when removing the blower set. The cleaning teams at HVAC companies like Wayne’s Heating and Air use small-sized brushes and vacuum cleaners. 

Properly Maintaining Flame Sensor and Drive Belt

Every gas furnace has a flame sensor that can detect fire in any part of the gas furnace. It is integrated with the alarm system to warn of a fire. The blower has a drive belt that helps in the functioning of the blower. The belt has to be checked for crakes and if there is a sign of damage, then change it immediately.

Lubricating all Parts

When the HVAC cleaning team has made sure that all parts of the gas furnace are cleaned, they have to apply machine oil to lubricate properly. Greasing the parts of the gas furnace is an integral part of gas furnace repair services. It makes the furnace parts work smoothly.

Gas Furnace Service Include Caring for Air Filters

The air filters are a crucial part of the furnace, just like the air conditioning unit. So, they have to be cleaned every two months. But when foul smells and dust are coming out of the furnace, be sure that replacing air filters is necessary.

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Inspecting Burners for Debris

When all parts of the gas furnace are fixed back, it is vital to turn it on to check whether the burner is flaming properly. If this is not the scene, then it means that the burner has to be cleaned or replaced.

Checking the Ventilation System

When you are cleaning the gas furnace, you often forget to check the ventilation system that consists of vents and ducts that open in every room. But the HVAC companies also inspect ducts and vents for dust and debris that might block airflow.

Adjusting Settings Back to Normal

When the cleaning team has made sure that the gas furnace is cleaned and the parts are fixed back, the setting of the furnace is adjusted back to normal. You can take a picture of the settings on the furnace and show it to the crew; so that readjusting is easy.

After the heating repair Las Vegas follows all of the steps mentioned above, they start the furnace and stay for a while to check whether everything has been cleaned properly. If there is still confusion, then the following questions will eliminate them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a furnace cleaning take?

The average time taken to clean a residential gas furnace is one to two hours. But it might take more time for heating and air conditioning repair companies to clean the furnace depending on the size and model. Also, the degree of dirt accumulated inside and outside the furnace determines the time taken for cleaning and maintenance.

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How much does it cost to have my furnace cleaned?

If you hire a professional team of HVAC technicians, you have to arrange between $100 and $300. Some factors affect the price of the cleaning services, which include size, model, which furnace parts you want to be cleaned, and how often services will be hired. 

When should I replace my gas furnace?

Once you have installed a good gas furnace, there is no need to worry about replacing it for at least 20 years. But if you are not cautious about maintenance and repairs, then the furnace’s lifespan can decrease, and you might have to replace the furnace earlier than expected.

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