Are you searching for refurbishing your wet areas in the home? Altering the floorings is tricky always. You have plenty of options, and that makes the decision more challenging. The best way to find what suits your requirement is by ascertaining the features of the indoor flooring solutions. You can either choose permanent surfaces or can try the indoor wooden mats. But are the indoor mats or runners as good as other flooring options? Definitely Yes! Let’s know more about this unique product.

The interior wooden door mat is different from the exterior one. All the roll floors have a thermal coating that makes the surface sustainable to dampness or wetness in areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and basement. So, you don’t have to worry about weather damage or slippery conditions. Every indoor mat comes with anti-slip wave surfaces making it the perfect choice for wooden bathroom floor mats.

Benefits of roll floors for indoors

The roll floor mats are very durable and portable. The ease of packing, unpacking, placing and storage makes it the top choice during travel. Each plank comes with a 100% green coating with an eco-friendly thermal layer that makes it durable for more than two decades. Yes! Once you buy these, you can forget about any damage or maintenance.

The convenience of these mats makes them perfect for permanent and temporary flooring solutions. There are no chemicals in or on the wooden planks. So, you do not have to worry about handling it with bare hands or getting exposure to children.

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Each plank sticks to other planks through a non-sticky rubber material that makes it a non-slippery runner. It is very lightweight and fits inside car trunks, under the bed, behind the cupboard, or would require bare minimum space in your storage areas.

Every plank has a special oil coating with UV protection. Hence, that makes it weather resistant to harsh summers. This coating absorbs the heat. So, when you are walking on it, you don’t feel the heat on your feet.

You can ask for custom sizes or can get easy-to-cut length planks that suit your indoor flooring requirements. Every product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 25 years. This is concerning the general weather damage or discoloration.

The maintenance of an indoor wooden mat is zero. You can never find any molds, dampness management, decays, or rotting of the wooden planks.

Market comparison with others

There are several products in the flooring market that offer anti-slip, portable, weather resistant, corrosion-free, eco-friendly wooden mats. However, not all the mats are natural wood, and none come with all the features of roll out mats.  

Ask for sample

The manufacturers of this wonder product take pride in offering a small sample to every potential buyer. So, if you are looking for bathrooms, indoor pools, or kitchen spaces ask for a sample, and you get a roll floor plank of 8” long with the rubber pieces to understand the quality of the product. The sample comes with a flyer that divulges everything you must know about this sustainable flooring solution.

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