Nursing is a great profession, offering job security, flexibility, and an excellent salary. Nurses who obtain their BSN degrees have even more benefits. Nursing is becoming more complex, and hospitals and companies want nurses who have not just an RN degree, but a BSN degree. Continue reading to find out some of the benefits of getting a BSN.

Higher Salaries

Nurses might want to look into rn to bsn programs because nurses with their BSN enjoy a higher income than those with only an associate’s degree. Salaries also depend on other factors, such as the cost of living in an area, but research shows that the average annual salary of a nurse with a BSN is $87,000, while the salary of an RN is only $71,000.

Higher Employment Rates

Research shows that 41% of hospitals require a BSN for their nurses. A study by New York University shows that nurses with a BSN degree are more prepared than those with an associate’s degree. Earning a BSN makes a nurse more marketable as an overall candidate.

More Autonomy

Healthcare facilities outside of hospitals need nurses. BSN-prepared nurses have more autonomy in making decisions for patient care. Nurses who are able to make quick decisions can lower mortality rates and improve patient care.

BSN educations prepare nurses to accept more responsibilities and better manage healthcare technology. These nurses are better equipped to understand post-op and preventative care as well as make decisions regarding home health care. Because there is a shortage of nurses and an aging population, nurses who can make decisions independently are beneficial to the healthcare system.

Career Advancement

Achieving a BSN can open new job opportunities. Nurses with a BSN can take on leadership positions, become case managers, or work in a medical specialty job. Many BSN degrees allow a candidate to get certifications in different specialties, such as leadership, rehabilitation, or women’s health. These certifications enable the nurse to qualify for various job opportunities.

More Opportunities for Practice

Over the last ten years, fewer patients were admitted to the hospital, and those who were admitted had shorter stays. This has led to nurses providing more outpatient care to patients. Nurses can obtain these skills through a BSN program.

BSN nurses can practice in home healthcare settings, community clinics, case management, and health maintenance organizations. They can work for insurance companies or in positions with corporate hospitals.

Better Prepared for Graduate School

Nurses tend to function as primary caregivers since they outnumber doctors three to one. Nurses who have their BSN are ready to go to graduate school to obtain their master’s or doctorate level degrees to be nurse practitioners.

Better for Patients

Many studies show that nurses with a BSN provide better care for patients than those with just an associate’s degree. Graduates are better prepared in 12 of 16 patient care areas concerning quality and safety. Hospitals with more nurses with a BSN had patients with lower mortality, fewer ulcers, and shorter hospital stays. Increased nursing autonomy and a more comprehensive education translate into better patient care.

Nurses will continue to be the backbone of hospitals and healthcare facilities everywhere, and a BSN can enable nurses to accomplish even more.

Trees add a lot to any landscape and are beneficial for the environment. So, it is a good idea to add trees to any yard or landscape. But those trees need care and maintenance over the years. The trees also get to be very tall. When there is storm or insect damage, the trees may need the help of a professional arborist or landscape company. It is important to know when to hire professionals and what the homeowner can do on their own.

When hiring someone to take care of sick or damaged trees, hire the correct professional. For trees, an arborist may be the right professional to hire. A low-skill handyman could do more damage than good and will charge almost the same fees. A good landscape company will probably have a professional trained as an arborist. Look online for Tree Services Near Me for local expert listings and advice.

Some services an arborist provides include:

  • Planting trees the right way in the right place so they stand a better chance of thriving.
  • Pruning existing trees properly so they stay healthy and look their best.
  • Tree maintenance services such as insect prevention, storm damage repair, getting ready for winter or spring, and other tree maintenance as necessary.
  • Emergency tree care to save trees that have been damaged by storms, high winds, or construction. Insect invasions can kill trees without quick intervention. A tree may have become dangerous because of age or damage and need to be safely removed.

A Good Tree and Plant Care Company Offers Many Services

The right landscape or tree and plant care service will offer multiple services to keep a home’s landscaping in top condition. These services may offer total care of the landscaping as well as tree care. They include:

  • The tree-care the landscape needs
  • Plant health care includes inspecting the whole landscape periodically, fertilization as needed, and insect prevention or eradication treatments as needed. They can also help with systems to water everything adequately.
  • Mulching gardens and trees, if done correctly, can have many advantages, including the plantings needing less water and living longer.
  • These companies have landscape design experts who can consult with homeowners to improve the look and usability of outdoor spaces around the home.
  • When disaster strikes in the form of storms, tornadoes, fire, and more, the plant and tree care company can send crews out to clean up the debris, try to save as many damaged trees as possible, and replace destroyed plants and trees.
  • A good landscape company often offers spring and fall yard cleanup and seasonal preparation services.

Working With Your Arborist

It may be that a homeowner wants to do part or most of their landscape maintenance and design on their own. They only hire an arborist for emergencies or for special tree needs. It is important to choose the right service for these shared responsibilities. There are reasons to hire professionals and questions to ask before hiring the right person.
Some questions to ask a person before hiring them to work on a landscape and its trees are how much experience and training, they have, are they insured, and are they certified? Ask what kind of equipment they have and if they offer the services needed for this landscape. Then ask them if they are willing to work with a homeowner who wants to do part of their own landscape maintenance. The right person will be glad to advise a homeowner on the right way to complete landscaping tasks and ask for help when needed.

Whether you need a reasonably quick project to make your home more attractive or want to increase property values, a bathroom upgrade is an excellent choice. A few simple changes can make a dramatic difference, or you may opt for a full-scale remodeling project. Either way, it’s a chance to reduce clutter, modernize, repair problems, design a personal oasis, and boost home values.

Create a More Organized Space

Dealing with a disorganized, cluttered bathroom can be annoying and make the simplest tasks more difficult. Nevertheless, it’s a common problem, especially with older bathrooms not designed for modern needs and with little storage.

Fortunately, when you are ready to upgrade, it is easy to find a local contractor using an online search for “Bathroom Renovation Near Me.” Design professionals will evaluate your current bathroom and provide various ideas for making it more organized and space-efficient.

Adjust to Your Changing Tastes

As time goes by, homeowners’ needs change, and a once-perfect bathroom may no longer be adequate. Getting married, having children, and retiring are life events that can cause changes requiring a bathroom renovation.
Per Bob Vila, remodeling is a chance to add features like double sinks or child-friendly features. Retirees who remain in their homes for life and choose to age in place may add accessibility features like grab bars or walk-in tubs.

Fix Damages

Even well-built bathrooms suffer humidity and moisture damage over the years. Bathrooms may develop hidden issues like mildew or rot. Renovation is a chance to correct these problems and create a healthier environment.
In some cases, repairs require significant demolition, but there’s an upside to completely rebuilding. It’s a chance for you to create exactly the space you want using long-lasting, easy-maintenance materials that will last for years.

Create a Spa-Like Retreat

In today’s busy world, a bath at the end of the day is the only chance many people have to relax and unwind. However, it’s not pleasant to spend time in a cramped, outdated bathroom with substandard fixtures. Money Wisdom experts advise that a bathroom renovation is an opportunity to transform an unappealing bathroom into a personal spa.
You can opt for features that help create an oasis-like atmosphere. The investment is well worth it because creating a relaxing personal space makes it easier to deal with stress.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Zillow home experts report that a bathroom renovation offers an impressive return on your investment relative to how much it increases home value. A small remodeling project generally involves upgrades like changing the mirror, painting and refinishing cabinets, or updating hardware. Even a minor upgrade involving cosmetic changes returns approximately $1.71 for every dollar spent.

An attractive, well-planned bathroom can also make it easier to sell your home. Real estate experts say that 26% of sellers make at least some bathroom improvements before listing their homes.

Renovating a bathroom is a chance to add storage, create a look that matches your needs and tastes, and repair long-standing problems. Remodeling increases your home’s value and is also an opportunity to design a relaxing retreat.

It is a wonderful thing to finally be close to realizing a lifelong dream of opening a new business or adding a new location to an existing business. A lot of hard work and careful planning have gone into the process. Money has been raised over time with a lot of effort. Now the building has been procured and it is time to furnish the offices and retail space. At this stage, money is always an issue. Why not consider used office furniture and store fixtures to save money?

Is Used Office Furniture or Store Fixtures a Viable Option?

For using preowned office furniture or store fixtures to be an option, the business owner must choose the Best Store Liquidation Company possible. Some companies specialize in-store fixtures, others specialize in used office furniture, and others can provide both. It may be necessary to shop at several highly rated liquidation companies to get everything a location needs to get up and running.

Consider these pros and cons to decide to buy new or used office furniture or store fixtures and shelving.


  • Purchasing used furniture and fixtures saves a lot of money and the business owner can get quality brands for less money.
  • The business owner can shop for style and comfort among the different venues. Used furniture can be broken in instead of stiff and new.
  • Purchasing used furniture and fixtures is eco-friendly because it keeps these items out of landfills and lengthens their usable lifetimes.
  • When purchasing used fixtures or furniture, you are choosing from existing items in stock and ready to ship or be picked up. The lead time is shorter.


  • Used items don’t carry warranties and are sold as-is, so inspect them carefully.
  • The condition of the furniture might not be perfect with the possibility of dents, scratches, or stains to be dealt with.
  • The business owner should budget some money for repairs once the items arrive on site.
  • Since this furniture of those store fixtures has been used already, they might not last as long as items purchased new.
  • When shopping for used items, the quantities are limited to what is on the floor. You can not order additional items to match. So, purchase only items that are in the right quantity and match. It might be possible to shop at several places and find items that match or coordinate that way.
  • Transportation might be an issue for the budget or just convenience. Local companies might require the buyer to pick up and transport their own purchases. Out-of-town suppliers might charge significant shipping.

How To Get The Best Results

A business owner can ensure the best possible results with these strategies.

  • Before shopping for fixtures or office furniture, decide on a retail store layout or office layout, then you can choose furniture or fixtures that fit that layout and avoid wasted purchases.
  • Create a blueprint or floor plan on paper to guide you in purchasing fixtures and furniture. This blueprint must be scaled with accurate measurements. Grid paper works well for this. The blueprint needs to include window and door locations and other permanent features. Then, the plan should include the layout you want for the office or retail space including all fixture locations or furniture locations.
  • Purchase a combination of new and used items that work well together.
  • Consider the traffic flow and customer behaviors in making the store layout and worker convenience and work habits in an office layout.

Shop carefully to get the furniture that fits the layout for either an office or retail space. Make sure the furniture or fixtures are pleasing styles and colors and that everything coordinates. When the office or retail space is completed, it should look like everything was purchased together. No one wants to end up with the look of garage sale purchases or poor planning. The whole idea is to save money without sacrificing quality or design.

Pontoon boats are perfect for groups looking for adventure. Families get together to make memories sharing the time-honored tradition of getting out on the water. The first step toward a successful excursion is finding the right place to rent a pontoon.

Who Is Going on the Pontoon?

Start by deciding how many people are going on the pontoon for a day of fun. Pontoons can be rented for groups of up to twelve adventurers. Once everyone decides to go, it’s time to figure out what they want to do on the water and choose a location for pontoon rentals.

Where Will Everyone Be Going?

Some people just want to cruise the bay and soak up the scenery. Others can’t wait to get a hook in the water to catch fish. Another option is spending time at Crab Island. No matter where the group decides to go, a local pontoon rental is a perfect way to get there.

What Activities Does the Group Want?

Next, decide the activities everyone wants to do on land and in the sea. From sunbathing on the pontoon to fishing, there are countless ways to discover the joys of waterfront adventures as a family. Be prepared for the ride by bringing sunscreen and choosing a boat with a sunshade to protect people from the sun’s rays.

Look for the License

In the State of Florida, a person must be 18 years of age or older to rent a boat. However, to operate the boat, the driver needs to have a NASBLA Certified Boaters license unless he or she was born in or before 1987. Keep in mind adventurers can take a Temporary Florida Boaters License test that is valid for a year from the date of completion.

Fishing Licenses Matter

Beyond driving, if anyone wants to go fishing, they must have a fishing license to do it. Take time to research the local requirements and obtain a license, so everyone is ready to throw a hook in the water when the time comes. Finally, remember to bring the fishing gear and coolers for the big catch.

Find Out the Daily Rates

Remember to ask about the daily rates, so the group is prepared to pay for the pontoon rental. Compare costs and the quality of the boats before making a decision. Choose a reputable rental company that offers the highest level of service. For example, the pontoon rental company should provide boats and gear to get out on the water safely.

Have a Great Time

Finally, the goal of finding the right pontoon rental is to have a great time together. When people enjoy themselves, they create memories to treasure forever. Go to a pontoon rental service that helps the group figure out what they need to get out on the water and have the time of their lives.

Deciding on a new dentist sometimes becomes stressful for people. There are so many factors to consider. Learning about the dentist and the services they provide will help individuals choose wisely. To start gathering information, people should ask the dentist questions.

Necessary Questions to Ask a Dentist

When searching for the Best Local Dentists In My Area, a person needs to schedule a consultation or an office tour. Some dentists offer office tours for new patients. Whether through a tour or consultation, patients should ask the following questions to get to know more about the dentist.

  • What is the specialty area? Dentists specialize in different areas, depending on their educational background. For instance, family dentists provide care for all ages but may be limited in the number of cosmetic procedures they deliver. Learning about the specialty of the dentist will help potential patients prepare themselves to decide.
  • How far in advance does the dentist book appointments? Learning about the scheduling practices of the dentist will help people ensure they can receive care when necessary. Does the dentist offer emergency hours? Are they booked months in advance? The appointment booking system of the dentist is an vital consideration.
  • Does the office take the patient’s insurance? No one wants to find the perfect dentist only to discover their insurance is not accepted. Before scheduling an appointment, individuals need to check to ensure the office accepts their insurance.
  • Does the dentist have any partners? This is an essential question because a person needs to know if they will ever see anyone else for their dental care needs. If there are associates, the potential patient has the right to receive an introduction to them.
  • What types of dental services does the dentist provide patients? Potential patients should receive a full list of any dental services offered by the dentist along with pricing information. Inquiring about these treatments will help people choose the right dentist for their needs.

Schedule a Dental Cleaning

Scheduling teeth cleaning appointments is one of the most effective ways to learn more about a dentist and their chairside manner. At these appointments, patients can learn more about the dentist before they have any extensive work done.

Ideally, individuals should have their teeth cleaned at least twice a year. In addition to cleaning, patients also receive X-rays and an examination. Scheduling such an appointment first will help potential patients learn as much as possible so they can make an informed choice.

Dentists Help Patients Care For Their Teeth

Those who see the dentist regularly are more likely to have a healthy and beautiful smile. Oral health concerns like cavities and gum disease are less likely to occur when people have their teeth cleaned and examined by a dentist.
With the questions above, individuals will discover finding a dentist is not as difficult. Gathering information about the dentist, their staff, and the services provided offers help to those who need a new dentist to care for their smiles.

Venturing into online markets requires companies to set up strategies to attract more visitors to their website and physical location. To sell products online, businesses need the right tools and services. A website is often the first step when expanding into online markets. Digital marketers have the skills and the knowledge to show companies how to become successful online.

Developing an E-Commerce Website

E-commerce websites allow companies to branch out and set up online sales opportunities. Web developers provide services through marketing agencies and create commercial websites for businesses in all industries. Websites go in one of two primary directions.

Either the website is used to offer viewers information about the company and its services or showcases the company’s products and processes incoming sales. An e-commerce website is designed to sell its products. To learn more about marketing for an e-commerce website, contact the Best Digital Marketing Agency now.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media gives companies immediate access to followers, and marketing strategies attract more followers and give current followers more information. Strategically planned posts attract followers and get them to interact with the company or page moderator. The marketing agencies create ads, campaigns, and daily posts for the company. These marketing efforts redirect the viewers to the company’s website and its physical location.
Increasing SEO for the Website and the Business

Search engine optimization practices increase the rankings for the company website and make it more visible to internet users. Increased visibility places the business, its products, and services in front of more potential customers, and this could increase conversion rates. A digital marketing firm understands the best practices to improve rankings and spread the word about the company.

SEO involves using keywords and phrases internet users enter when searching for information. Long-tail keywords consist of four or five words associated with the search criteria. This makes it easier to position the keywords in content, and the search engines look for websites or pages with these keywords in the content.

Launching Email Marketing

Email marketing is a helpful way to provide information to customers about sales, events, and new products. Top customers receive discounts and special offers through email marketing campaigns. The marketing efforts use the mailing list generated from current customers and visitors who opt-in for marketing materials. As more visitors sign up, the company increases its client base and has more chances to close sales. The email campaigns get straight to the point and don’t overwhelm the customers with too many details.

Producing Valuable and Credible Content

Popular search engines evaluate the content on commercial websites and standalone landing pages. The ratings for the content define if the information is useful, relevant to the company, and if the website owner is guilty of black hat SEO practices. Digital marketing firms produce content themselves or outsource the tasks to professional copywriters.

Popular strategies are to first make the company an authority on related topics. The owner must present content in a relatable way to their viewers. Viewers want to find answers to common questions, and the information answers these questions without overwhelming viewers with excessive details.

Digital marketing services take small stores and businesses to a whole new level. Once a company branches out to online markets, the sales volumes are limitless, and the company expands its outreach dramatically. The culmination of several digital marketing efforts can make a business a huge success and generate incredible profits. To learn more about digital marketing, contact a service provider now.

All it takes is a short trip to the local drug store to see how many different kinds of at-home tooth whitening products there are on today’s market. Unfortunately, while all those whitening toothpastes, strips, pens, and other products may sound great, most don’t deliver on their makers’ promises. Instead of wasting money on products that are unlikely to produce results, find out about the benefits of professional tooth whitening as a more effective alternative.

  1. Whiter Teeth

The most obvious benefit of finding a dentist that offers Teeth Whitening Near Me instead of relying on over-the-counter products is that professional whitening procedures work better. Over-the-counter products will be effective for light stains, at most. Instead of producing no more than mediocre results, a professional tooth whitening will address even moderate-to-severe discoloration.

  1. Faster Results

Whitening toothpastes and other at-home products take weeks to work, which can be a problem for people who need to see fast results. Heading to the dentist for a professional tooth whitening procedure, on the other hand, will leave patients with whiter teeth on the same day. Dentists have access to much stronger, longer-lasting tooth whitening products, so it only takes around an hour to complete the procedure.

  1. Less Risk of Side Effects

At-home tooth whitening products can produce some seriously unpleasant side effects, especially if they’re not used exactly as intended. These side effects can include:

  1. Burns to gums from gel tray use
  2. Temporary gum bleaching
  3. Gastrointestinal damage from swallowing whitening products unintentionally
  4. Damage to tooth enamel
  5. Tooth pain or sensitivity

When patients head to their dentists for professional tooth whitening, they don’t have to worry about unwanted side effects. Dentists and dental hygienists know exactly how to use products for maximum safety and effectiveness.

  1. Longer-Lasting Results

Most at-home tooth whitening treatments last for only a very short period of time. They can only treat extrinsic stains, which are caused by things like smoking cigarettes and eating certain foods. Professional whitening, on the other hand, can treat intrinsic stains and discoloration caused by infections, medications, and aging, as well. When regular professional tooth whitening doesn’t work well enough to completely remove stains, dentists can also recommend other solutions such as inlays and onlays.

  1. Ability to Identify and Address Underlying Problems

The whitening toothpastes, pens, and trays available in drug stores come with instructions that indicate how to use them, and that’s about all people get. When patients schedule professional tooth whitening visits with their dentists, they’ll also be able to benefit from professional guidance. Most people want to know if there are lifestyle changes they could make to keep teeth whiter, or if the products they’re using at home could be causing damage. Only a dentist can offer that kind of information.

Stop Wasting Money

Americans waste hundreds of dollars on at-home tooth whitening products every year without even stopping to do the math. It makes far more sense to make one up-front investment for years of whiter teeth than it does to continue wasting money on products that either don’t work or don’t produce lasting results. Call a dentist to schedule a professional tooth whitening visit instead.

Cavity fillings, also called dental restorations or dental fillings, are done to repair damaged teeth. Fillings have changed quite a bit since they were first used hundreds of years ago, and their use helps patients everywhere keep their teeth and minimize the effects of decay. Below are several vital facts about dental fillings.

They Sometimes Conceal Signs of Decay

Though fillings are meant to eradicate cavities and prevent them from coming back, it’s possible for decay to start again under a damaged filling. Dental restorations can be damaged, just like natural teeth. Through cracks and holes, mouth bacteria can start to form another cavity. The new damage is preventable, though, with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. If you’re looking for a Cavity Filling Near Me, call our office today.

Not All Fillings Are the Same

In the recent past, patients and dentists only had one choice for fillings: silver amalgam. While they work, for the most part, they’re usually visible. These days, fillings made of composite resin are designed to match a patient’s natural teeth. Some dentists also use fillings made of:

  • Glass ionomer, which is suitable for smaller cavities
  • Ceramic, which resists decay and closely imitates the look of natural tooth surfaces
  • Resin ionomer, which is often used for non-molars

The material a dentist chooses depends on the severity and location of the cavity. If it’s time for a filling, talk to your dentist about these materials and let them recommend the best option.

Fillings Only Take One Office Visit

Dental restorations don’t take long. In most instances, they can be done in just a few minutes. During the appointment, the dentist will numb the area with a local anesthetic, as they’ll need to remove the decayed tooth matter before applying the filling. Once that’s done, you can resume normal activities right away.

Not Every Cavity Needs a Filling

Most people assume that, because they have cavities, they’ll need fillings. How tooth damage is treated, however, depends on its severity and location. In some instances, a filling won’t be enough to save a tooth. When patients’ teeth are damaged to the extent that they are structurally compromised, a dental crown will preserve the remaining tooth surfaces.

Cavities Don’t Go Away

Cavities are impossible to ignore. Decay typically starts slowly, but like many other conditions, it only gets worse with time. Eventually, it may cover an entire tooth, leading to the need for an invasive and painful extraction. Early decay causes few symptoms, which means that regular office visits are the only way to spot cavities before they become too serious.

Fillings Don’t Last Forever

Some people assume that, once they’ve had a filling, it will last for a lifetime. That’s simply not true, as all fillings eventually need replacement. The longevity of a filling depends on factors such as the installation method, the patient’s oral hygiene, and the material used. Composite resin dental fillings last about five years, while those made of silver amalgam can last up to 15 years with proper care.

Do You Need a Filling?

If you’re unsure of the condition of an existing filling, or if a cavity has appeared, it’s time for action. Explore our site to learn about the available services or call to schedule an appointment today.

Today’s team leaders and workforce managers face a far more complex set of challenges than their predecessors did. Just a few years ago, the vast majority of companies still relied entirely on in-person workforces, and remote work was reserved for unusual circumstances and niche markets. The pandemic changed all that, encouraging employers to offer more flexible options and even sending entire companies online, sometimes permanently. While hybrid and online-only workforces have plenty of benefits, this approach also creates certain problems. More specifically, it makes it harder to create a work atmosphere that encourages employee productivity. Read on to find out how managers can improve productivity and foster collaboration in the digital age.

Take Advantage of Available Tools

There’s no need to keep relying on generalized tools like emailing and conference calls to help hybrid and remote teams collaborate. These days, there are far more effective options. Business owners, managers, and team leaders can find employee performance software that makes it easy to understand and track employee behavior and improve productivity rates.

Set Employees Up for Success

All employees, whether they’re working remotely or in person at the office, should be set up for success. In most cases, that requires a combination of making sure all of the team members working on a project are on the same page and providing everyone with access to the same resources. It’s important to set up periodic meetings that include both in-person and remote workers to check on everyone’s progress and ensure that no one is getting left behind.

Help Workers Avoid Burnout

One of the major downsides to working from home is that it tends to blur the lines between an employee’s work and his or her home life, making remote workers more prone to burnout. Project managers can help their teams avoid this problem by encouraging remote workers to stick to schedules that don’t push them past a traditional 40-hour workweek. It can also help to use project management software that logs hours and informs team leaders if some people are taking on too much responsibility. That way, project managers can step in before burnout becomes a problem.

Create a Culture of Collaboration

In today’s digital world, it’s perfectly possible for all workers to contribute equally from wherever they are. Creating a culture of collaboration that prioritizes equity instead of creating hierarchies will help all of the team members feel more empowered and involved. Fostering collaboration between all team members can help workers feel more empowered and make the entire team more productive.

Start Creating Positive Change

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that doing nothing in response to a drop in employee productivity will only foster more complacency. Business owners, managers, HR professionals, and team leaders can all do their part to create positive change in the workplace by following the advice above. Don’t forget to ask for employees’ feedback on the proposed or recently implemented changes. Workers, themselves, are often a valuable resource when it comes to figuring out how to create positive change.