Although axes have been used as tools for thousands of years, the modern sport of axe throwing was not established in its current form until 2006. Because this popular sport is so new, it should come as no surprise that some people are intimidated and even more are confused by it. Before heading out to an axe throwing bar for the first time, newcomers to the sport can read on to find answers to others’ most frequently asked questions below.

Is Axe Throwing Safe?

Before looking up axe throwing near me, most newcomers to the sport want to know that they will be safe. When people learn the safety rules and best techniques from a pro and practice in a controlled, supervised environment, axe throwing is definitely safe. Note, however, that depending on the circumstances, just getting together with friends to throw axes in someone’s backyard may not be.

How Did the Sport Get Started?

Axes have been around for millennia, and throwing axes were a popular weapon in the Middle Ages. However, the modern sport of axe throwing has more recent roots. Legend has it that North American frontiersmen held the first axe throwing competitions, but the recent popularization of the sport has been tied more definitively to the establishment in 2006 of the Backyard Axe Throwing League in Canada.

What’s the Minimum Age to Start Throwing Axes?

There’s not technically a minimum age limit for learning how to throw axes, and every establishment is different. In most cases, a trainer will evaluate the capabilities of younger patrons, and parents will need to be present to sign a liability waiver for anyone under 18 who wants to give it a try.

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Are There Axe Throwing Competitions?

There are only two official axe throwing leagues, but many establishments also hold their own competitions. One of the things that people love about axe throwing is the fact that, even during championship competitions, everyone keeps things friendly. After all, axes and aggression just don’t mix well in the context of friendly competition.

How Does One Learn How to Throw an Axe?

Most people heading out to axe throwing bars for the first time don’t know how to throw an axe or have any prior experience with the sport. After all, it has only been a modern sport for a little over a decade. That’s why there will always be an expert instructor available to show newcomers to the sport how to handle an axe safely, and first-time guests are usually required to participate in brief coaching sessions.

Can Anyone Learn How to Throw an Axe?

While the idea of axe throwing might conjure up images of lumberjacks in flannel shirts, the reality is very different. All kinds of people attend axe throwing competitions, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

Make a Reservation Today

Most axe throwing bars require advanced reservations, although some may also offer walk-in availability. Because this sport is becoming more popular every day, it’s best to schedule a session well in advance.

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