There is absolutely no better feeling than bringing home your very own puppy, puppies are one of the most adorable sights you can ever witness and you’ll be in awe at how quickly they develop their own little personality and as they settle down into their new home. However, being a parent to a new puppy can also be an equally stressful time, they require a lot of work, time, and patience, but as long as you’re prepared, then you should have absolutely no problem looking after the new member of your family!

So here at, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 tips for looking after your new puppy.

Tip 1: Time To Puppy-Proof!

As anyone who has had a baby in their home will know, there are plenty of items in your home that will need to be moved or removed entirely before you can let them roam. The same principle applies to your new puppy too, they’re naturally curious and will want to explore every aspect of their new domain, and you don’t want them finding something they shouldn’t!

The best idea to help puppy-proof is to section off one part of your house using a baby gate, and to allow them to get acclimatized to being in your home in this one section first, before allowing them to explore the rest of the house at a later date. There are also a few general household items that you should remove before allowing your puppy to run around!

Some of these items include plants, electrical cords, anything valuable, any cleaning products, or rugs.

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Tip 2: Get The Necessary Supplies

Another important step in getting ready for your new arrival is to make sure you have all of the necessary supplies. With there being so much to get ready for, it’s incredibly common for you to forget something along the way, so be sure to read through the entire list of supplies and check that you have everything ahead of your puppy’s moving-in day!

  • ID Tags – to help identify who owns your puppy should they get lost.
  • A collar and leash – these are essential and will allow you to have full control of your puppy when teaching them to behave whilst training.
  • Food and bowls – Bowls are important, as they should be adequately sized to the portions that your puppy eats. Food is equally important, but this will ultimately depend on what sort of food your puppy likes.
  • Sleeping crate – this will give your puppy a space to call their own, make sure you add some padding and a blanket to help them get comfortable.
  • Toys – every puppy will love play time, so getting them a variety of toys to find out how they like to play is a great idea.

Tip 3: Plan Exercise And Diet

One of the key ways to get your puppy to feel settled and at home in their new environment is to very quickly establish a routine. You should figure out when you’re going to walk your puppy, and at what times of the day they should be fed. Sticking to this routine is effective at settling the puppy, as it helps to provide them with a sense of familiarity.

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Walking your puppy will also help to release some of their energy, and walking them is a good way of helping to channel that energy into something productive. Just remember that puppies will need a lot less exercise than adult dogs do!

Tip 4: Potty Training!

Puppies do tend to urinate rather often, so potty training them is a rather urgent matter unless you want to mop up puddles all day long!

Indicators that your puppy needs to go is if they begin to circle, generally looking anxious, and if they begin to sniff more than usual, as this is a sign that they’re trying to find somewhere appropriate to go. If you notice these signs, then take your puppy outside on the leash to allow them to do their business. Over time, they’ll realise that outside is where to go if they need to go to the toilet!

Tip 5: Supervision

The final tip is to keep your puppy under supervision at all times! This will allow you to make sure they’re adjusting well, and that they’re keeping out of trouble too!


There’s a lot that goes into looking after a new puppy, but with these useful tips, you shouldn’t encounter any problems at all!

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