Students who want to pursue their education in Nashik will get an experience that is both interesting and unique at Sandip University in Nashik premier college.

The 250-acre lush green campus, which is serenely distant from the hustle and bustle of the city, provides an exceptional student experience with comprehensive learning resources to students who come from all over India and abroad.


The wonderful vibe of the Sandip University campus could fill up a book or more. However, extensive facilities to fully imbibe the essence of learning is only a part of the Sandip University experience as the time here at the campus is bound to make one appreciate the wonders of nature in all its glory.

As stated earlier, Sandip University, the best college in Nashik, is beautifully distinct from the tourist vibe of Nashik that attracts people from over the world thanks to the historical eminence of the place. A beautifully serene enclave within a spiritually celebrated city downright. The Wi-Fi enabled campus also has comprehensive sports and recreation facilities for students to pursue their passion beyond academics.

Extensive range of courses

The university provides education in a total of 82 courses through undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes through 10 schools which includes School of Pharmaceutical Science, School of Law, School of Science, School of Engineering and Technology, School of Interior Design, School of Social Science, School of Design (UX Design), School of Computer Science & Engineering, School of Commerce & Management Sciences, School of Fashion Design and Beauty Cosmetology, and Humanities.

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Holistic Education

Founded in 2015, Sandip University is cruising in its determined pursuit of becoming a centre of excellence in teaching, research and entrepreneurship. This pursuit is only made more eloquent through the words of students of Sandip University, who will also elaborate on how this best college in Nashik is striving to harness a mass movement in nurturing future leaders as the college promotes a global outlook that is hardly limited to its exemplary curriculum.

New Age Learning Experience

Nearly one-third of the faculty at Sandip University are from IIT, with most of them boasting a rich experience of over 15 years. The curriculum has been designed after enormous research and in accordance with the industry requirements. The erudite faculty at Sandip University is known to go the extra mile in helping students develop into leaders with amplified knowledge and skill sets.


Sandip University puts in colossal effort to nurture students into adept professionals with enterprising leadership virtues in this fiercely competitive business world that demands industry-oriented skill sets with a polished personality.

The placement team strives round the year in organising diverse placement centric activities while coordinating with an exhaustive list of globally renowned companies. So rest assured, students from Sandip University get 100% placement support as they go into the corporate world as virtuous professionals ready to take on the industry.

Nashik has been the educational hub of North Maharashtra. Nashik city has a number of colleges, which provide a great platform for higher education in the field of arts and social science, engineering, law, commerce, medical science, journalism etc.

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